Cocktails and Consoles

75 Video Game-Inspired Drinks to Level Up Your Game Night

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By Elias Eells

Illustrated by Solji Lee

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Press start and get ready to craft delicious cocktails. With 75 unique and easy-to-prepare recipes inspired by some of the most popular video games in history, Cocktails and Consoles makes it easy to level up your cocktail and mocktail skills! 

Whether you are settling in for a solo night of video games or hosting a co-op party, these delightful cocktail and mocktail recipes are simple to make, easy to enjoy, and won't require you to search your inventory for obscure ingredients or spirits. Cocktails and Consoles is the ultimate gamer cocktail book for gamers of all skills—whether they are level 1 or a boss-level mixologist. With vibrant illustrations, a tutorial section with information on equipment, your components (spirits), and additional buffs (syrups and cordials) plus Bar Byte tips to help you get started on your adventure, this book is the perfect 1up to your mixology routine.

Created especially for video game fans, this cocktail book features controller-friendly recipes that all offer playful homage to favorite games and characters including The Oregon Trail Buck (The Oregon Trail), Pom of Power (Hades), The Miles Edgeworth MarTeani (Ace Attorney), The Cake Is a Lie (Portal), Stardrop Swizzle (Stardew Valley), Miriel, Pastor of Vows (Elden Ring), Ether (Final Fantasy XIV), Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid). Lady Dimitrescu Fizz (Resident Evil Village), Sardegna Simulator Spritz (Gran Turismo), Falcon Punch (Super Smash Bros.), and more. Cocktails and Consoles has the perfect drink for every player and every video game! 

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Sep 10, 2024
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Elias Eells

About the Author

Elias Eells is a writer, author, and cocktail consultant. The host and creator of Bar Cart Bookshelf, he pairs innovative beverage recipes with a passion for books and games. He has worked as a digital humanist, home bar educator at The Boston Shaker, event coordinator, and publicist. He's always prepared with a refreshing cocktail or mocktail whether he’s planning the next season of farming in Stardew Valley, getting ready for a fresh run in Hades, or revisiting his favorite Ace Attorney cases.

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