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The Pocket Guru

Guidance and mantras for spiritual awakening and emotional wisdom

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Jun 18, 2019




Discover a deeper understanding of yourself.

With wisdom and mantras on 108 topics: From Dr. Siri Sat Nam, a licensed therapist who stars on Viceland’s The Therapist, The Pocket Guru offers emotional centeredness and mental peace. Using Dr. Siri’s calming style, the book presents readers with 108 topics to focus on—including commitment, forgiveness, intimacy, and love—and mantras to help them find personal growth and fulfillment. Packed with wisdom on discovering spiritual harmony and meditative practices targeting 11 different aspects of self, this audiobook is a rich source for deepening self-awareness.
  • Includes instructions on how to choose a topic and use the corresponding power statements to begin reaping the benefits of spiritual awareness, mental calm, and increased emotional intelligence.
  • The 11 meditations work on different aspects of your being including heightened wisdom, mental alertness, enhanced intuition, and more.
  • Dr. Siri Sat Nam is a licensed therapist based in Los Angeles. He stars in the Viceland series The Therapist, in which he conducts sessions with music celebrities.
For those new to meditation and those who have a strong daily meditation practice, following the guidance and mantras in The Pocket Guru can lead to higher levels of self-awareness, emotional wisdom, and consciousness.

With wisdom and mantras on 108 topics and 11 easy-to-follow meditations

What's Inside

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"The Pocket Guru is a treasure trove of inspiration, and makes an excellent gift! Highly recommended."—Midwest Book Review
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