Christmas in the Batcave

A Brave, Bold, and Utterly Exhausting Adventure [Officially licensed]

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By Doogie Horner

Illustrated by Christian Cornia

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Celebrate the joys and chaos of Christmas in this hilarious, illustrated, officially licensed picture book for comic book fans of all ages as Batman faces his most formidable challenge yet—his family during the holidays.

Bruce Wayne is going to need a bigger mansion when the entire Bat-family comes home for Christmas. As the kids debate over what to get Batman—the man who has everything—and the Bat-pets run amok, crime doesn't take a holiday. The Joker's on the loose and Catwoman plots to make the naughty list. All the while, Batman's faithful butler Alfred just wants everyone to stand still long enough to take a nice family photo. Far from having a silent night, Batman and the gang will need a Christmas miracle to make it until morning. With lively illustrations, this official DC Christmas book from bestselling author Doogie Horner will charm and delight caped crusaders of all ages.


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Oct 1, 2024
Page Count
32 pages
Running Press

Doogie Horner

About the Author

Doogie Horner is an author, illustrator, and comedian. His previous books include The Adventures of Invisible Boy, Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren’t Aware of, This Might Hurt a Bit, and A Die Hard Christmas. You can watch his comedy special Dad Max on YouTube or listen on your choice of streaming service. Learn more at

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