Based on extensive reporting, a Game of Thrones-like telling of what comes next for the factions and families within the Republican Party as they plot for supremacy in the post-Trump era.

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Reader Reviews


"David Drucker is a part of a sadly vanishing breed of political reporters who want to know what the story is, not what they wish it would be. David's analysis is fact-driven, superbly sourced and fair-minded. His work is an essential tool for understanding the 2024 landscape."—Chris Stirewalt, author of EVERY MAN A KING
"Even as the avalanche of books looking backwards at the events of the Trump Presidency continues to crush reviewers, David Drucker had the wisdom—to look ahead! The 2024 GOP contest for the right to lead the party in the presidential contest is at least the equal of any modern campaign in suspense and it’s going to take a three tiered platform to get all the candidates on to the debate stage at the same time. Drucker is the only reporter to at least get the list of possible Republican candidates right as 2021 slides towards 2022. That's because he’s a reporter’s reporter. Drucker’s a weekly guest on my radio show simply because he’s always ahead of the curve…and is so again with this book.”—Hugh Hewitt, host of "The Hugh Hewitt Show"
“David Drucker serves up well-reported portraits of a host of Republican and conservative players, neatly capturing their struggles to navigate the strange new world of post-Trump GOP politics. Watching the 2024 hopefuls adapt to the GOP base’s hunger for Trumpian performative populism, racial dog whistling, and own-the-libs bluster is almost enough to make you pity them. Almost.”—Greg Sargent, Washington Post columnist
"This is a book that tries to answer the question we're all asking: What, exactly, is the future of the post-Trump Republican party? An essential read for anybody who cares about our politics and the country's political future."—Eliana Johnson, editor-in-chief, Washington Free Beacon
"Deeply reported, gracefully written, and eminently readable. Hurray for David Drucker!"—Brit Hume, senior political analyst, Fox News Channel
"One man may dominate the race, but IN TRUMP'S SHADOW is a comprehensive and indispensable form guide to the wide field of contenders for what may be a tumultuous Republican presidential contest in 2024."—Gerard Baker, editor-at-large, The Wall Street Journal
“Drucker delivers."—Kirkus
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