A Photicular Book


By Dan Kainen

By Carol Kaufmann

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A magical journey. A safari in your hands.

Animals in living motion, as real as if you were there. The cheetah bounds, the lion charges. The African elephant snaps its ears.

Using unique Photicular technology, Safari is the adventure of a lifetime, and a book unlike any other.
Experience it for yourself.


  • "Shots of cheetahs, rhinos, and gazelles spring to life as the pages turn."

    Entertainment Weekly

    “An imaginative interpretation of the real thing.”—Audubon magazine

    "Lenticular technology takes a big leap forward with this virtual safari."

    —PW magazine
     “AMAZING! The safari comes to life with each turn of the page.”—Jennifer Holland, bestselling author of Unlikely Friendships

  • “Lenticular technology takes a big leap forward with this virtual safari.”I>PW magazine
    Entertainment Weekly
  • “Shots of cheetahs, rhinos, and gazelles spring to life as the pages turn.”I>Entertainment Weekly
    Audubon magazine
  • “An imaginative interpretation of the real thing.”
    Audubon magazine

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Oct 16, 2012
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32 pages

Dan Kainen

About the Author

Dan Kainen is an artist, designer, and inventor living in New York City. He is the creator of the bestselling Photicular books Safari, Ocean, Polar, Jungle, Wild, and Dinosaur. His website is

While working with some of the pioneers of holography, Dan created a special spotlight that was used by Soho’s Museum of Holography to light holograms. The related field of holography led to Dan’s interest in lenticular art and, in turn, after nearly a decade of research and experimentation, to the creation of his “Motion Viewer,” his third patent in that field and the inspiration for Safari and the other Photicular books.

Ella Morton is a New Zealand-born, Australia-raised, Brooklyn-based writer, focusing on overlooked aspects of history and culture. After covering consumer technology at CNET she hosted Rocketboom NYC, a web show about New York’s quirkier people and places. Her most popular interview was a chat with Cookie Monster on the set of Sesame Street. Ella was associate editor at, where she wrote about such topics as tobacco smoke enemas, Victorian streaming music services, and the etiquette of marrying a ghost.

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Carol Kaufmann

About the Author

Carol Kaufmann is the author of 97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You and co-author of the bestselling Photicular books Safari, Ocean, and Polar (Oct. 2015). A freelance writer and editor, her work for National Geographic and other publications has taken her to all corners of the globe, from the Pacific Ocean’s floor to the top the Atlas Mountains. In addition to National Geographic, her writing has appeared in the New York Times’ Draft column, Reader’s Digest, where she was the National Affairs Reporter, The Washington Post, George, and in the anthology A Woman’s Europe. She is also the author of the ebook, MamaTricks. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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