Doggos Doing Things

The Hilarious World of Puppos, Borkers, and Other Good Bois


By Creators of @doggosdoingthings

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Chonkybois, lowriders, borkers, and floofs — these are just a few of the many cute characters you’ll discover in Doggos Doing Things, an irresistible gift book based on the wildly popular Instagram account of the same name.

This hilarious book pairs adorable photos of puppos of all shapes (from smol flufferinos to long boys), sizes (from big woofers to lil yippers), and breeds (from puggos to labbers and huskos) with ridiculous captionsdescribing what they’re up to — which is usually looking for snaccos or just bestowing love upon their hoomans.

With more than 150 pictures of adorable pupperinos and a thicc layer of humor by way of the internet’s unique dog speak, it’s a celebration of man’s best friend and good boys (and girls) everywhere.

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Jul 28, 2020
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144 pages
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Creators of @doggosdoingthings

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