Bring balance to your everyday with More/Less, a guided journal full of paired prompts and beautiful illustrations to inspire mindful reflection.
What do you want more of in your life? And what could you use a little less of? Take a mindful moment to reflect on these questions with More/Less: A Guided Journal for Cultivating Balance. Filled with 30 pairs of complementary ideals—from "More time creating. Less time stressing" to "More walks. Less sitting on the couch"—this beautifully illustrated book is a perfect companion for building a life you love. Inspiring prompts about goals, dreams, and big picture ideas encourage thoughtful contemplation and a moment of stress-releasing reflection. Full-color illustrations throughout are paired with an embellished, hardcover binding to create a package that feeds the eyes as well as the soul.
This guided journal includes:
  • 30 sets of matched pair prompts, with space to reflect.
  • 15 thought-provoking question prompts, for building a life you love
  • Full-color illustrations throughout
  • Uncoated interior paper perfect for writing and sketching your balanced world.