Go Woke, Go Broke

The Inside Story of the Radicalization of Corporate America

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By Charles Gasparino

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A riveting and smashmouth journalistic deep-dive into the progressive madness that has infected and corrupted the world’s biggest corporations, threatening the stability of the global economy—and life as we know it.
How did a bunch of rich dudes who run corporate America become the tools of left-wing radicals? Intimidated by activists on the left, virtually every major corporation in America has embraced woke politics. For years, these businesses could get away with progressive virtual signaling without worrying about alienating customers. Then the anti-woke counter-offensive movement arrived. As high-profile, disastrous backlashes at companies like Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Target and other companies reveal, companies who cave to the demands of left-wing social justice activists are being punished like never before. Customers are fighting back and taking their money elsewhere.
In Go Woke, Go BrokeNew York Times bestselling author and veteran financial journalist Charles Gasparino calls out the nonsense and takes readers inside the radicalization of corporate America, based on numerous insider interviews and exclusive reporting.  The story is wilder than you can imagine. Gasparino introduces readers to America’s most woke corporate leaders, tracing the origins of ESG and "stakeholder investing.” He takes readers along on for a rollicking ride through corporate America as he shines a light, unlike anyone else, on Fortune 500 companies that have suffered for caving to the silly and irresponsible demands of social justice activists and left-wing interests.
A respected financial reporter who has covered finance for more than 30 years, Gasparino is deeply sourced and has dug into countless episodes involving Wall Street greed, corporate hubris, and government overreach in enterprise. This explosive, untold story and in-depth examination of the seminal players, institutions, and forces of the markets shows that, for the sake of global stability, we must immediately pry the clenched fists of radical activists off the levers of the economy.


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Aug 6, 2024
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304 pages
Center Street

Charles Gasparino

About the Author

Charles Gasparino is a Fox Business Network senior correspondent and New York Post columnist who has covered business for CNBC, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Sellout, which chronicled the causes of the 2008 financial crisis.

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