How to Stop Freaking Out

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Cool When Life Feels Chaotic


By Carla Naumburg

Illustrated by Letizia Rizzo

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Fall apart. Flip out. Flip your lid. Break down. Meltdown. Explode. Throw a tantrum. Lose your temper. Come unglued. Go bonkers.

There are so many different names for when we lose our cool because there are so many different ways for humans to lose it when life gets chaotic! This book provides the tips, tricks, and tools to guide young readers through understanding what's happening in their bodies as their big emotions take over. Throughout there are quizzes, truth bombs, freakout facts and more to give young readers a moment to pause, reflect, and most importantly, to find a little humor coming unglued. 


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Sep 10, 2024
Page Count
144 pages

Carla Naumburg

About the Author

Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW, is a clinical social worker and the author of four parenting books, including one about how parents can freak out less. Carla's favorite hobbies are reading (especially mysteries!), cross-stitching, hiking, and hanging out with her cats, Gittel and Gertie. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and daughters.

Letizia Rizzo is a freelance illustrator based in Lecce, Italy. She has worked with numerous publishers, including Cottage Door Press, Oxford University Press, Hachette, Sterling Publishing, Little Bee Books, Scholastic, HarperCollins, and others.

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