Unexpectedly Yours

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By C. Chilove

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Forbidden love and the rivalry of two families might tear down the traditions of the South’s elite Black families as one summer continues to change everything for three friends–for readers of Kimberla Lawson Roby.

Carrah Andrews spent her life trying to please her parents and siblings, putting her own hopes aside to work as a chemist at Noir, her family’s cosmetics company. Her dream was to be an author, not spend her days developing beauty serums. Everything changes when Carrah enters a writing contest and lands a book deal. Except she can’t ever tell her parents because: 1) they’d be devastated she wants to  leave Noir, and 2) she just hired their biggest rival as her entertainment attorney. 

            Christopher Chenault is stunned to see Carrah in his law office. He’s not supposed to cross enemy lines, but he can’t bring himself to turn her away and crush her dream, not after seeing how talented of a writer she is. After all, the families’ enmity doesn’t have to be theirs…especially as more time spent together leads to undeniable attraction.  But when long-held secrets come to light, Carrah and Chris are going to have to decide if they’ll stand by their heritage or embrace who they want to be and the love they have only just discovered.


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Dec 3, 2024
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384 pages

C. Chilove

About the Author

C. Chilove is a Southern girl writing sexy, thought-provoking romance that explores the human condition while proving love transcends societal clichés. Her characters are strong, witty, and prove that diversity is beautiful. When she's not writing, she's living out her personal happily-ever-after by rockin’ the stands for her volleyball star, cheering on her future MLB slugger, or celebrating date night with her hubby.

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