“The tools in this beloved book change everyday struggles into teachable moments.” — Wendy Webb, Mother, Grandmother, and National Trainer, Parents as Teachers

Filled with parent-tested advice for over 100 asked-for behaviors, including:

Screen Addiction – Bullying – Temper Tantrums – Won’t Listen – Whining – Not Eating – Jealousy – Biting – Lying – Talking Back – Testing Limits – Won’t Go to Bed – Clinging – Interrupting – Won’t Do Homework – Sibling Rivalry…and more!

With over 1 million copies sold, this updated and completely revised bestseller is the only pediatrician-recommended guide for what to do and what not to do in encouraging, respectful ways when responding to everyday behavior challenges of toddlers to teens. Practical solutions on each page teach empathy and inclusiveness, reduce stress and anxiety, build positive relationships, and empower children to thrive emotionally and physically.

What's Inside

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