Farrah Rochon

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The Boyfriend Project

Bestselling author Farrah Rochon has written over 30 romance novels. From a small town just west of New Orleans, she spends most of her time reading, cooking, and daydreaming about the next time she can visit Walt Disney World and catch her favorite Broadway shows.

The Boyfriend Project “will have you believing in love” (Parade), and “leave you giggling and swooning from cover to cover” (Entertainment Weekly). This romantic comedy celebrates the power of female solidarity, tackles the challenges of being a Black woman in tech, and solidifies the fact that we can have it all: a brilliant career, supportive friendships, and an amazing love story.

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I’m not a huge TV watcher, but I just binged the South African-set Netflix series “Blood and Water” and now I’m impatiently awaiting the next season. The acting and storytelling are superb!

I was a huge Judy Blume fan. I loved Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Superfudge.However, Margery Cuyler’s The Trouble with Soapis my all-time favorite childhood book.

Farrah Roshon WorkspaceMy writing space is a bit cluttered, but I absolutely need everything that’s on my desk. From my gemstones (Blue Calcite is very calming, and every writer should have Tiger’s Eye), to my diffuser and essential oils; they all help get me in the mood to create.

I own a t-shirt that says “the book was better” which is how I usually feel about books being made into movies, but I have always loved the screen adaptation of John Grisham’s A Time To Kill. It remains one of my favorite books and it’s the movie that brought Matthew McConaughey into my life.
This is a hard one because I follow so many wonderful accounts, however, @martin_up_north is probably my favorite. Martin’s crochet skills are amazing and I love it when he shares his creations.

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