Tanya Pearson

About the Author

Since starting the "Women of Rock Oral History Project" in 2014, Tanya Pearson has conducted 75+ interviews; given lectures on women, rock, and culture; and created her own undergraduate course where students look at rock music through the lens of United States political culture from the Harlem Renaissance through the early aughts. She currently play drums in a punk band called Feminine Aggression, and has been able to collaborate and perform with Alice Bag, Lydia Lunch, Frances McKee of the Vaselines, and members of the seminal rock band Hole, as well as produce compilation albums featuring Women of Rock interviewees. Her first book, Why Marianne Faithfull Matters, was published by University of Texas Press in July 2021. Her essays and criticism have appeared in The Washington Post, Pop Matters, Bust Magazine, and the Oral History Journal, and she has appeared on The Lydian Spin, C86, Feminist Magazine Radio, and BBC 4 Radio podcasts. Currently teaching at Ball State University, she's based in Muncie, Indiana.

By the Author