Alex Brown

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Alex Brown currently holds court as the general manager for Gourmet Imports. He’s an expert frequently quoted on cheese by food publications including Imbibe, the LA Weekly, and the Los Angeles Times. When he’s not importing obscure cheeses, sniffing truffles, vetting olive oils, or being a brute, he headbangs in the internationally renowned sludge band Robedoor, and is an avid lover of cycling. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Evan George is an investigative journalist whose coverage of the health insurance industry, homelessness, and the federal court system has won local and national awards- none of which have stemmed from his extensive writing about beer, coffee, and cooking for publications including Los Angeles magazine, Condéast Traveler, and the Los Angeles Times. He has grilled steaks at a Philadelphia bistro, flipped burgers in LA coffee shops, and, most recently, spent three years as a sous chef at the renowned vegetarian hot spot Elf Cafe. He also lives in Los Angeles, CA.

By the Author