Helena Greer

Helena Greer (she/her) writes contemporary romance novels that answer the question, what if this beloved trope were gay? She was born in Tucson, and her heart still lives there although she no longer does. After earning a BA in writing and mythology, and a master’s in library science, she spent several years blogging about librarianship before returning to writing creatively.

Helena loves cheesy pop culture, cats without tails, and ancient Greek murderesses.

Season of Love is Buzzfeed’s Most Anticipated LGBTQ Romances of 2022! 

Miriam Blum has no choice but to face the past she thought she’d left behind when she inherits her great-aunt’s Christmas tree farm in this witty, glittering, heart-filled romcom with “all of the warm, queer, Jewish holiday vibes you could possibly want” (Jen DeLuca, USA Today bestselling author of Well Matched).

I love to read in a giant comfy chair in my office, looking at my bookshelves.

I often love adaptations that feel true to the vibe of the original even if they take some liberties with the material: Clueless, Ten Things I Hate About You, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Anne with an E, Muppet Christmas Carol. Somehow, it frees me from trying to constantly worry about how closely they’re following the book.

There’s a taco truck down the street from my work that makes a veggie quesadilla with fried potatoes inside, and it is a truly fantastic experience. Potatoes, cheese, hot sauce, wrapped in a tortilla? It will always improve my day.

I just finally hung up some of my art and photos above my desk, and now I look up and get inspired!

When I was a kid, my friend group was OBSESSED with A League of Their Own. We acted out the movie, called each other by the character names (my son’s godmother still answers to Dottie) and generally centered our life and play around it. Which is, admittedly, a deeply weird thing for a group of 5th grade girls to do, but 5th grade girls are deeply, wonderfully weird. Obviously, as a queer adult, I’m obsessed with the TV show. It’s everything my queer history-loving heart has ever wanted, and I’m constantly pinching myself that it really exists.

Season of Love by Helena Greer Read by Barrie Kreinik – Audiobook Excerpt