Mao's America

A Survivor's Warning


By Xi Van Fleet

Read by Ava Wong

Read by Xi Van Fleet

Read by James Lindsay

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An inspiring survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China makes a passionate case that history is eerily repeating itself as the Woke Revolution spreads across America. 

Xi Van Fleet lived through the horrors of the Chinese Cultural Revolution as a schoolgirl. Forced to the countryside with other young Chinese for re-education after high school, she later escaped communism and found freedom and new a life in America. But more than 30 years later, Xi disturbingly sees signs of the same Cultural Marxism that ravaged her birth country of China threatening to destroy the America she now calls home.

​This is her dire warning to the United States.

Xi compellingly tells the story of two Cultural Revolutions: one driven by Mao and the Chinese Communist Party during her childhood and the one unfolding in today’s America from the progressive left. With captivating personal stories and extensive historic research, Xi reveals the stunning similarities of these two revolutions. This fascinating book shows readers that both revolutions:

  • Use Marxist tactics of division, indoctrination, deception, coercion, cancelation, subversion and violence.
  • Aim to destroy the foundation of the traditional culture to replace it with Marxist ideologies.
  • Weaponize youth, using them as their means to an end.
  • Share the same goal of achieving absolute power at the expense of the people.
  • Lead to the same ending: loss of freedom and totalitarian rule.

Readers will be captivated by the riveting personal story of a Chinese immigrant to the United States who overcame fear and reluctance to get involved in the movement to save America. Her political activism begins with a school board speech in 2021 against Critical Race Theory in Loudoun County, Virginia that unexpectedly goes viral and ignites national media attention. Xi now devotes her life to educating the American public on the shocking parallels between these two revolutions.

Because only when Americans understand what is really happening will they rise up and resist the communist takeover of America. 


  • "Xi Van Fleet knows personally the horrors of the Chinese Communist totalitarian system. As a first-generation American she has fought tirelessly to educate Americans into the importance of learning true history and fighting tyranny. She is a national asset and her story is astonishing."
    Newt Gingrich
  • "Xi Van Fleet’s book, Mao's America, is an essential read for American parents seeking to comprehend the infiltration of Marxism in public school classrooms. It sheds light on the formation of a 'Red Guard' within America and highlights the alarming parallels between Mao's assault on traditional Chinese culture and the challenges faced by American parents. By reading Xi’s story, we can better identify warning signs and confront oppressive ideologies to fight the rise of Communism in America."
    Tiffany Justice, Co-founder, Moms for Liberty
  • "No one is doing more than Xi Van Fleet to sound the alarm on how history is repeating itself in today’s America. As a survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution, Xi explains the dangerous parallels between her experiences and the Marxist Woke ideology sweeping across America. Xi’s inspiring story should be required reading for anyone trying to make sense of the un-American things that are so rapidly transforming our country. Information is power. Understanding the philosophical roots of the cultural revolution we are living through is the first step in the fight to restore freedom and save America."
    Rachel Campos-Duffy, Fox News

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Xi Van Fleet

About the Author

Xi Van Fleet was born in China, lived through the Cultural Revolution, and was sent to work in the countryside at the age of 16. After Mao's death, she was able to go to college to study English and has lived in the United States since 1986. In 2021, she delivered a school board speech in Loudoun County, Virginia, against against Critical Race Theory that went viral and ignited national media attention. She now devotes her time and energy full time to warning about the parallels between Mao's Cultural Revolution in China and what's unfolding in America today. Since going public with her message, Xi Van Fleet has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, and radio shows and podcasts across the country.

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