The Judas Economy

The Triumph Of Capital And The Betrayal Of Work


By William Wolman

By Anne Colamosca

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Bill Wolman, “Business Week” chief economist and Anne Colamosca say what our business and government leaders are unwilling to admit, but what most workers know in their gut: in the global economy, big money calls the shots and workers – white-collar professionals as well as blue-collar – are increasingly expendable. Drawing on history and their knowledge of how the world economy works, the authors demonstrate why downsizing will continue whether or not it makes America more competitive.
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Dec 1, 1998
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William Wolman

About the Author

William Wolman is senior contributing editor at BusinessWeek magazine, where he served as chief economist during 1990s. An economics commentator for CNBC, he was recently named one of the leading business journalists of the century. Anne Colamosca is a former staff writer and reporter at BusinessWeek magazine. They live in New York City.

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