American Schools

The $100 Billion Challenge


By William H. Cosby

By Dwight Allen

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From Bill Cosby, actor, entertainer, and New York Times bestselling author of Fatherhood and Congratulations (Now What?) comes a groundbreaking book with the potential to reinvent education in America.

Exchanging comedy for community activism, Bill Cosby teams up with Dwight Allen, Eminent Professor of Education Reform at Old Dominion University, to issue a challenge to the federal government and the new captains of industry: produce one hundred billion dollars and reform, revamp, and reinvent our schools. Together, Cosby and Allen do more than discuss the problems — the crumbling buildings, flagging test scores, and failing students — they offer concrete solutions, outlining a point-by-point plan for putting dot-com dollars to work.


Needed: Dot-com leadership for education.
Wanted? Not yet.
That's why we wrote this book.
We need a whole new concept of educational leadership: young (and young in spirit), vigorous leaders who are encouraged to take risks and are given the resources and support to respond to new challenges as they emerge. One of the biggest problems in American education today is "safe" leadership. Educational leaders come from ranks of teachers schooled in obsolete teaching practices, conditioned by bureaucracy to "fit in," and often indebted to the forces of nepotism, politics, and political correctness.


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