Angels Among Us

Extraordinary Encounters with Heavenly Beings


By Wanda Rosseland

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A vision in a dream. A long-awaited healing. Protection from an accident waiting to happen. Angels Among Us is a collection of stories of everyday people — little children, old women, young men, and more — who had their lives stopped for a moment and redirected with a little help from above. Some came to help. Some to heal. Others stood as protectors and guardians. Some were prayed for and others showed up totally unbidden, but all were remembered by those whose lives were changed from a visit by their guardian angel. These inspiring stories will give you comfort and hope as you learn that you are seen, protected, and loved throughout each and every day.


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Sep 19, 2017
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224 pages
Worthy Inspired

Wanda Rosseland

About the Author

Wanda Rosseland is a frequent contributor for several magazines including Angels on Earth and Guideposts. Her work has also been published in anthologies including Woven on the Wind, Crazy Woman Creek, and The Best Angel Stories of 2015. Wanda speaks regularly to groups throughout northeastern Montana. She and her husband have a ranch in eastern Montana where they raise their three children along with wheat, cattle, and sheep.

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