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When It's Right

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Regular Price $3.99

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Aug 14, 2018

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Opposites attract when a single dad and an ER nurse take a shot at finding true love in this heartwarming, heartfelt romance.

Griffin Sullivan is handling the ultimate balancing act. Between being a single dad to an active six-year-old and the crazy demands of his job as a hockey coach, finding love is not in the cards. But when the team’s goalie is rushed to the ER, he’s immediately captivated by the gorgeous, sassy nurse on duty… who just happens to be the sister of one his players.

Sadie Braddock has always had a big, open heart and a bit of a wild side. But since her dad got sick, she’s closed herself off to life and love. Relationships are way too complicated–and so is Griffin. He’s also funny and tender and sexy as hell. How can something that feels so right come at the worst time ever? Then again, someone to lean on may be exactly what they each need–if they’re only brave enough to take the risk.

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"When It's Right has become my favorite book of the series. If you enjoy sports romances and stories about close-knit families, you should definitely consider giving this one a read."—Harlequin Junkie
"This was a surprisingly emotional story with a decent amount of hockey. Basically, it gave me everything I was looking for!"—Under the Covers
"Victoria Denault delivers a love story that has you swimming in emotions...When It's Right has lots of heat to keep your heart pumping as your eyes are crying for these amazingly real characters."—
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