In this age of chaos, God gives courage and comfort. Trudy Beyak, an award-winning journalist, interviewed 50 global leaders of faith: Ruth Graham, Dr. Francis Collins, Danae Dobson, Dr. Raymond Damadian, the MRI inventor; the Vatican, Paul Young, Gary Chapman, and many others, about the nature of God. They reveal fascinating new insights!
When no one cares, and you feel all alone, the maternal mercy of God comforts your soul, “as a mother comforts,” a precious loved one. Ruth Graham explains: “When God created men and women to be like him, women are half the picture. What a gift, then, it is to be a mother! The “maternal instinct” to nurture others, corresponds to the nature of God, as our Comforter.
Women no longer need ask: Dear Lord: Who am I? Discover 50 exclusive interviews that will transform a woman’s life – and men, as well. And there’s more. The Mother Heart of God is a journalist’s compelling spiritual journey, a personal invitation to every man and woman to experience the love of God that brings hope and healing to every soul.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"This new book is an amazing example of how a collection of articulate, educated people deeply committed to differing religious faiths can agree on a concept that has never even occurred to most of us. And, yet the concept is so obvious."—Vivian Ruskin, great, great granddaughter of Mark Twain

"God expressed his love in the metaphors of the family, both father and mother."—Ravi Zacharias, international evangelist
"God's love for us is like the deep love a mother has for her newborn, like the protective love a mother has for her sick three-year-old child, like the unconditional love a mother has for her cantankerous 18-year-old."—Anne Lamott, New York Times bestselling author
"All three persons of the Godhead reveal paternal and maternal qualities in their relationship with us. They are one in essence ... The paternal aspect of God is a combination of authority and care; the maternal quality is one of loving support."—J.I. Packer, editor, English Standard Version Bible
"When God created men and women to be like him, women are half of the equation--we are half of the picture."—Ruth Graham, author, and daughter of Billy Graham
"The Old Testement prophets used the analogy of the 'womb' to disclose how God gently 'shelters us' and 'carries us in compassionate love.'"—Pope Benedict XVI
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