Purpose Awakening

Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth


By Touré Roberts

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Purpose Awakening, the breakout book of international speaker Touré Roberts, is about that transformational moment when you are awakened to the purpose of your life. Your life began with a brilliant thought in God’s mind. Your purpose, therefore, is the awakening to that thought. In this groundbreaking book, Touré introduces a new way to perceive the meaning of purpose. As he says: “You don’t find purpose; purpose finds you.” In fact, purpose conceived you; it was the catalyst for your birth.

This thought-provoking book opens with the revolutionary concept that “Every life began as an epic idea.” This new way of finding your purpose will empower you and change your life forever. You haven’t even begun to live until you find out why you are here.

Touré uses personal stories, humor, and eye-opening analogies to take you on a transformational journey. You will learn how to discover your unique purpose, know God’s voice, identify and choose purpose mates, end wrong relationships, put an end to fear, grow your faith, and so much more.

Purpose Awakening will also give you a relatable and practical guide that will instill confidence, peace, and fulfillment by demystifying the journey to purpose, and enabling you to discover your own unique awakening. Being more than just a “feel good book,” Purpose Awakening provides true direction and gives parameters that guide the purpose-seeker. It will set you on a life-changing course to discovering the good idea concerning your life and the joys of seeing it fulfilled.


  • "PURPOSE AWAKENING introduces a fresh and revolutionary way to find your purpose in life. Touré gives a simplistic roadmap and personally guides you to discover what makes you significant. Anyone seeking purpose needs this book in his or her life."—Israel Houghton, Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer
  • "For many of us we are lost until we discover our God-given purpose. Pastor Touré gives us the blueprint to reach and maximize our true potential and walk in our purpose with excellence! Great read!"—Niecy Nash, comedian, actress, TV personality, and author
  • "Purpose Awakening is a must read! It reinforces what many of us already feel: that there is an ultimate purpose for each of our lives. And Pastor Touré really drives this idea that we are all on a divine path home! This book will not only enlighten you, it will also inspire you to walk confidently in discovering your true purpose."—Kelly Rowland, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, actress
  • "PURPOSE AWAKENING helped me to confront things that I could no longer ignore! My life is forever changed!"—Michelle Williams, former member of Destiny's Child
  • "Pastor Touré Roberts is one of the premiere leaders of this generation. PURPOSE AWAKENING is a life-affirming revelation of the divine power of God. It's a must read for anyone desperate to know the "why" behind their creation!"—DeVon Franklin, author of Produced By Faith
  • "There's nothing more important in a person's life than to find out why they're here. Touré Roberts brilliantly coaches his readers into their own purpose awakening and the awe-inspiring joy and fulfillment that follows. This is one you won't want to put down."—Traci Lynn Blackwell, a leading network television executive

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Mar 18, 2014
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Touré Roberts

About the Author

Touré Roberts is a visionary leader who merges multimedia, the marketplace, and faith into one dynamic calling. He is the lead pastor of One Church International and has a unique love for young Hollywood and the creative community. He personally coaches many influential personalities from aspiring artists to studio executives. Touré is well known for his ability to speak into people’s lives and manifest their inherent greatness. He currently lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his family

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