Busy: The 50-Minute Summary Edition

The 50-Minute Summary Edition


By Tony Crabbe

Read by Tony Crabbe

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So many people feel far too busy – unable to work properly on the things that are important to them and stuck in a rut. This book, written by a well-connected business psychologist, puts that feeling in context and provides practical solutions for people to become happier, more motivated and more successful. This is an authorized condensed edition of the full-length audiobook of Busy.If you want to take control of your career – and your life – make sure you’re not too busy to listen to this book. Today’s world is one of too much: too much work to do, too much communication, too much competition, too much uncertainty and too much information. We are striving to keep up, but inevitably we’re falling behind, leaving us with a nagging sense of failure that is hard to shake off. In Busy, Tony Crabbe debunks the myth that satisfaction at work comes from getting everything done. Instead, he demonstrates that what will enable you to thrive is regaining a sense of mastery over your life, focusing on making an impact, engaging with loved ones and creating the momentum necessary to make changes.


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Apr 7, 2020
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Tony Crabbe

About the Author

Tony Crabbe is an organizational psychologist who works with multinational companies around the world, including PWC, Microsoft, News International, Disney, and the World Bank. He is also a research fellow in the field of organizational psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London. He lives with his family in Spain, but spends a considerable amount of time consulting in the UK and the US.

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