El Poder para Liberar el Impulso Interno


By T. D. Jakes

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Llámelo seguir su corazón, tener un presentimiento, una corazonada o intuición: hay algunas cosas que usted simplemente sabe.

El INSTINTO, ese conocimiento interior que borbotea desde un manantial de sabiduría que hay dentro de usted, no solo lo ayuda a sobrevivir, también puede ayudarlo a prosperar.

Lamentablemente, muchos de nosotros solemos vivir nuestras vidas sin sincronizarnos con este ritmo interior. Hacemos lo que estamos entrenados a hacer, lo que se nos pide hacer, o lo que otros necesitan que hagamos; sintiéndonos todo el tiempo intranquilos e insatisfechos, preguntándonos por qué no podemos lograr la plenitud.

Hasta ahora.

Independientemente de dónde esté usted en la vida, ya es hora de alinear sus acciones con sus instintos: el saber internamente quién realmente es usted y para qué fue creado. Su destino y propósito solo se pueden obtener investigando lo que hay en su interior.

Si estas palabras hacen eco a lo que usted ya sabe que es cierto, no lo dude. Es hora de que decodifque sus instintos, incremente sus áreas de progreso, e ilumine los rin‑ cones que oscureció la decepción. Vivir por instinto va a desatar su auténtico yo, trans‑ formar su lugar de trabajo, liberar su carrera y mejorar sus relaciones. Si usted está dispuesto a salir del confnamiento en que está para descubrir la libertad en donde ha sido destinado a estar, ¡entonces el INSTINTO es su llave!

Empower yourself and deepen your faith with the journaling exercises, leadership challenges, and personal growth tools in this interactive companion guide to T. D. Jakes' Instinct.
An instant #1 New York Times bestseller for six weeks, Bishop T.D. Jakes's smash hit Instinct showed readers how to tap into their God-given intuition to achieve ultimate success. Now, you can apply those lessons with this essential collection of insights and reflections designed to encourage you on your faith journey.
Whether you call it following your heart, a gut feeling, a hunch or intuition, or instinct — the inner knowledge bubbling up from a wellspring of wisdom within can lead to a bigger, elephant-sized life.
Combining social, business, and personal examples with biblical insights, this personal application guide will show you how to rediscover your natural aptitudes and reclaim the wisdom of past experiences. Knowing when to close a deal, when to take a risk, and when to listen to your heart will become possible when you're in touch with the instincts that God gave you.
If you're ready to unlock the confines of where you are and discover where you were meant to be, then Instinct is your key!


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T. D. Jakes

About the Author

T. D. Jakes is one of the world’s most revered communicators. He has been an advisor to three U.S. Presidents, has been called “America’s Treasure” by Oprah Winfrey, and “America’s Best Preacher” by TIME Magazine. Jakes founded The Potter’s House, a non-denominational global church with more than 30,000 members and campuses around the United States. The Potter’s House reaches tens of millions each year through television, radio, and online. He is also the founder of The T.D. Jakes Group, which is dedicated to solving society’s problems by building bridges and strategic partnerships that create equity and provide solutions for underrepresented and underserved communities. Through partnerships and disruptive thinking, The T.D. Jakes Group continues to make connections across sectors and stakeholders to create lasting, generational change and create a more equitable society. Jakes has more than 40 bestselling books in print, including Crushing, Instinct, and Don’t Drop the Mic. He is a devoted husband to Serita Jakes of more than 40 years, and the power couple has successfully raised five beautiful children.

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