Challah for Shabbat Tonight

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By Sara Holly Ackerman

Illustrated by Alona Millgram

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This sweet, rhyming, beautifully illustrated picture book celebrates Jewish joy and intergenerational love as it follows a girl and her grandmother preparing for Shabbat dinner by baking traditional challah from scratch.

A little girl and her grandmother spend Friday afternoon preparing for Shabbat by making challah.

In hours full of laughter and love, they mix the ingredients, braid the dough, let it rise, and set the table, and finally, enjoy a scrumptious family dinner and the bread they made together.

Told through Sara Holly Ackerman’s musical, rhyming verse and Alona Millgram’s rich, whimsical art, Challah for Shabbat Tonight will warm readers’ hearts and fill their bellies as they celebrate Jewish joy, familial love, and kitchen magic.

A challah recipe is included in the back for those who want to bake along.


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Sep 3, 2024
Page Count
32 pages

Sara Holly Ackerman

Sara Holly Ackerman

About the Author

Sara Holly Ackerman is a children’s book author and school librarian in Brooklyn, NY. She loves the smell of homemade challah filling her apartment, but the challah from the neighborhood bakeries tastes every bit as good. She is the author of Not Just the Driver! and the co-author of The Gabi that Girma Wore. Find her online at and on Instagram @sarahollyackerman.

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Alona Millgram

Alona Millgram

About the Illustrator

Alona Millgram is an illustrator, artist, and comics creator. Her work has been shortlisted twice for the AOI World Illustration Awards and she has won numerous other awards and international recognition. Alona currently lives in Berlin, Germany, with her husband and daughter, and challah always reminds her of home. Find her online at and on Instagram @alonamillgram.

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