Bones of the Demon King

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By Sandra Grayson

Read by Eric Vale

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Audiobook Download (Unabridged)

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There’s a murderer on the loose in the sleepy town of Ludwig, Texas. He’s known as the Demon King and has warned police that he won’t stop until he finds his queen.

Eva Lewis is the reporter that named the Demon King . . . but is she also his next victim? Detectives Jerry Gonzales and David Smith warn Eva to be careful but she’s determined to make her career a success. When she meets Tom McDaniels, a man that’s connected to all of the Demon King’s victims, he asks her to do the unthinkable. He wants Eva to use her articles to lure the murderer out of hiding.

Continuing her stories on the Demon King, it doesn’t take long before Eva begins receiving messages from the very man she’s been writing about. As her life and the lives of her loved ones are threatened, Eva must unravel the clues to dethrone the Demon King before he claims her as his queen.


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May 30, 2017

Sandra Grayson

About the Author

A lover of psychology, Sandra Grayson writes about characters she describes as “darkly disturbing.” Fans have nicknamed her the “Queen of Plot Twists.” She is winner of a Watty Award and a member of the Wattpad Stars program. Since joining Wattpad in 2014, Sandra has amassed over nine million reads on her works and has a growing fan base of over eighty-nine thousand followers. Grayson also has worked on promotional campaigns with Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Fox Television.

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