The Story Of The Mexican War


By Robert Selph Henry

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An excellent history of the Mexican War of 1846-1848, with the US Army commanded by the likes of Zachary Taylor, Robert E. Lee, Winfield Scott, John E. Wool, Stephen Kearny, The Texas Rangers, etc., versus the Mexican Army with the likes of Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, Jose Mariano, Francisco Perez, Jose Joaquin Herrera, etc. Illustrated with drawings, and the frontispiece is a photograph of General John E. Wool and his staff in Saltillo, Mexico, this photograph is believed to be one of the first war photographs to be made, there are also twelve maps, and a chronology of events leading up to the Mexican War from 1836 to the end of the war, May, 1848.


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Mar 22, 1989
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424 pages
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Robert Selph Henry

About the Author

Robert Selph Henry was the author of several important and popular books on the Civil War, its prelude, and aftermath, including The Story of the Mexican War.

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