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Sinful Sirens & Their Dirty Little Secrets


By Penthouse International

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Today’s woman loves sex–and she loves it her way. She sees what she wants and goes for it, especially when it comes to the hottest bedroom partners. Nothing is off limits, whether a man or another woman, whether one-on-one or in combinations of two or even more.

In these sizzling, uncensored Letters to Penthouse, vixens and virgins, bankers and bikers, hookers and hikers set their sights on pleasure at its most raw and most satisfying. And whether at the pool or around the pool table, at the strip club or inside the office, on a tropical paradise or among the comforts of home, they will not be denied.


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Where to Find a Young Stud to Service Her the Way They Both Craved?

For some time now, my all-time favorite fantasy has been to watch my sexy but shy wife being fucked by another guy. This certainly wasn't always the case. I remember when the very notion would have seemed utterly bizarre to me. But somehow after we had been married for several years, the idea started to appeal to me.

Bonnie is a sexy, petite blonde with a stunning body. She still looks about 30, even though she's in her early 40s now. But even once the idea of watching her get fucked by another man took hold in my head, I found it difficult to bring the subject up. In time I did get up the courage to share my fantasy, but I was promptly reminded of why I had been so reluctant. Bonnie seemed both shocked and, perhaps worse, disappointed. I dropped the subject quickly. But after that I looked for other opportunities to keep the idea alive, however dimly.

As I had hoped, over time she came to realize that the reason the idea appealed to me wasn't that I didn't love her but that I loved her so much. Gradually she became more comfortable with the whole idea, and eventually she agreed that if the right opportunity were to arise, she would be willing to consider doing it!

In my fantasies, my preference had always leaned toward watching Bonnie do it with a young guy, an inexperienced yet deserving 18- or 19-year-old. I liked the idea of a good "compassion fuck"—you know, letting some young virgin or anonymous stranger that would typically have no chance of getting into your wife's panties enjoy the unexpected thrill of giving her a good fucking.

I felt sure that if I could find the right deserving young man and set up a safe situation, we would all be in for a real treat. I just had to arrange the perfect opportunity for this to happen! Oh, and then I had to arrange it all without being pushy about it or otherwise turning Bonnie off.

In time, I came up with what I in all modesty had to consider a brilliant idea!

Every summer we participate in a big outdoor party put on collectively by all our friends in our neighborhood. Tents are set up in the backyards, and there's always a lot of partying and drinking across the entire neighborhood until all hours of the night. There always seem to be a lot of young guys, most of them looking for some hot action. You know that they're seriously horny just by their age! They have little hope of actually scoring, though, since most of the guests, after all, are the people from our neighborhood. Bearing in mind that we would know most of the people at the party, I knew I would have to be careful about even suggesting the possibility of some kind of hookup to my wife. Meanwhile I still had to figure out how it would be possible to fulfill my fantasy without the risk of all of our neighbors finding out.

So now the party was already in full swing, and I still hadn't said anything to Bonnie about what I hoped might happen today. Also, I still didn't know how to go about making it happen.

And then I saw Anthony!

I'd never seen him around the neighborhood, and he looked perfect for our purposes! He'd parked in one of the yards near our house. He was 19, I would learn, and seemed like a nice kid, really good-looking but in an unflashy way, shy and polite, exactly what I'd been hoping for! I knew immediately he was an excellent choice for this fantasy.

However, now that I had a suitable candidate, I still had to figure out how to actually arrange it. All I could think of was maybe to get Bonnie drunk enough so I might dare suggest to her that she seduce the fine-looking young man.

Sure enough, at one point in the evening I did find an opportunity to point Anthony out to Bonnie. As tactfully as I could, I sketched out what I had in mind. She didn't reject the idea out of hand, but she didn't show any favorable reaction either.

I waited awhile. Finally, making sure no one else was within hearing range, I told Bonnie that if she wanted to flirt with the young man, I thought it would be fun. I figured even if she was unsuccessful at seducing him, it might be fun to watch her get his hormones going and get his hopes up. To my enormous delight, she said she'd see if an appropriate opportunity arose.

Bonnie indicated that she also had reservations about actually doing anything. We were both worried that it might get back to the people we knew at the party. We agreed that if something happened, it would have to be on the sly. Since in addition we didn't have any condoms, we agreed that she would have to be comfortable that Anthony (or whoever) was safe enough for her to fuck not just with total discretion but without any "protection."

Later in the evening, after the majority of the people had cleared out, I saw Bonnie talking to Anthony over by the fire. I was delighted to see by her body language that she was flirting with him, and I could only hope that in his youthful eagerness he wouldn't say anything stupid to ruin his chances. I kept watch from afar until she walked away. Then, watching the way the young man eyed her as she walked away, I knew that he was interested.

I motioned to Bonnie for her to meet me around the house to let me know what was going on. Once we got there, she said that Anthony was a perfect choice. She was convinced that he was a virgin, and I reflected that that meant she was more likely to let him fuck her without a condom.

She added that even though she was nervous as hell, this might be our one opportunity to live out this fantasy. She said she was willing to give it a try if I was up for it. But she also said that there would have to be no regrets, whether it happened or it didn't. I agreed entirely, and without hesitation encouraged her to proceed. She said it would probably be best if she just led Anthony to believe he was catching her in an alcohol-induced moment of weakness. She had already told him she was married but had said she had no idea where her husband was.

That's why she'd excused herself briefly at the fire. She said she was going to find me and "check in," and she'd be back in a while.

I was so turned on that I was shaking. To my surprise and delight, Bonnie now seemed to take charge! She led me around several houses and through a yard, and we picked what looked like a good place—a good place both for her to take him and for me to watch. She was definitely a little tipsy at this point. I kissed her deeply before she headed back to the fire. Then I waited quietly in unbearable anticipation, praying that she would show up with the young man. The 20 minutes it took before she returned seemed like an eternity. But when I saw her leading him to the spot we had picked out, I knew that my fantasy might really happen!

I couldn't hear their conversation, but I could see that they were getting closer and closer, and also quieter and quieter. It didn't take long, and even though I couldn't make out the conversation, I could tell when the sounds of conversation had stopped. I knew that meant that it was time for the show to begin.

Initially, they just kissed and hung all over each other. In the darkness I was just barely able to make out Bonnie's tan lines, so I knew her shirt was up and her breasts exposed. Anthony's hands were roaming all over her sexy body as the two of them made out like teenage lovers. Then she leaned back against a tree, and I could tell that he was sucking on her nipples, switching back and forth between her beautiful breasts.

Then I saw the familiar flash of Bonnie's silky white panties, and I knew Anthony had his hands under her skirt. At some point she got down on her knees and started manipulating his shorts. While looking around nervously, he ran his fingers through her long hair and put one of his hands up against the tree.

I couldn't make out much detail, but I knew my wife was bobbing her head as Anthony thrust his hips gently back and forth, still looking around to see that they weren't seen.

I couldn't believe my fantasy was really happening!

I was stunned to see that my shy wife was so prepared to suck another guy's cock, but there she was—and she sure looked like she was doing a hell of a job. The kid fucked her mouth for a minute or two, and I started to think that Bonnie had decided just to give him a good blowjob. I figured she just didn't feel comfortable enough with him to be as intimate with him as to fuck without protection.

Part of me really wanted to see Anthony come in Bonnie's mouth, but a bigger part of me wanted to see him come deep inside her belly. After several minutes, she stopped sucking him and stood up. I couldn't tell if he had blown his load down her throat or if she was going to take it to the next level. But when she leaned up against a tree and lifted her skirt, I knew what was coming next!

Anthony slipped Bonnie's silky white panties down to her knees, then got on his knees and buried his face in her crotch, kissing and licking her trimmed pussy from top to bottom. Given his youth, I was surprised that he found just the soft, steady rhythm she prefers.

Within minutes her knees were buckling. He paused briefly to keep her from falling, then licked her clean. I could just about see the outline of her pussy lips as he spread them with every swipe of his tongue.

Anthony stood up and dropped his pants around his ankles, fully exposing his hard cock. Bonnie wasted no time working it into her—slowly at first, until it looked like he was all the way in her. They rocked together up against the tree for several minutes, during which he got into a good rhythm and brought her to climax again. He kissed her deeply as she came, perhaps to keep her quiet!

I was wondering if the kid had blown his wad inside Bonnie—until I saw her turn around and face the tree, put both hands up against the trunk, and stick her ass out toward him. He took another look around, lifted her skirt over her waist, and then worked himself into her from behind.

His hands were clasping her hips, presumably for stability, as he wrapped his legs around the outside of her thighs. He thrust himself into her in a rhythmic upward motion, fucking her hard for a minute or two before she came again. He stopped and balanced himself, then stood entirely still. His muffled groans told me he had just unleashed his youthful seed inside my wife.

I heard quiet talking as they both dressed quickly. Then Anthony disappeared into the night.

I sat there in amazement. My cock was hard, and I felt like I could come then and there. Bonnie looked over my way before disappearing into the darkness herself. I couldn't believe what a turn-on it was to actually witness another guy, especially such a hot young one, giving my wife such a good fucking. It was so Desperate Housewives!

I made my way discreetly back to our tent and waited eagerly for my wife to arrive. When she did, she had a devilish grin on her face. She said she still believed Anthony had been a virgin, and apparently was quite nervous because of his inexperience as well as the fact that she was married.

She crawled on top of me and guided my hand under her skirt and inside her panties. She was totally turned on at the idea that she had just let this young stud shoot off in her pussy. She added that when he came, she felt his cock throbbing and squirting what felt like a huge load of come inside her.

Anthony's warm semen was even now still draining out of Bonnie. I pulled her panties down and rolled her over, and then buried my face in her crotch. I was so turned on by this whole thing, I didn't mind tonguing her used pussy clean until she came again.

I gave Bonnie a minute to recuperate before I sat up and pushed my hard-on into her. It slid in easily, making use of her young lover's cream to grease the way for my sloppy seconds. In just a minute or two I unleashed my load inside her, and I have to say that I've never experienced an orgasm of that intensity.

After I pulled out of Bonnie, I just squatted there looking at her. She looked sexier than I'd ever seen her, lying there with her legs spread and her pussy dripping with come, a mixture of the loads that Anthony and I had deposited in her.

Since that night, our sex life has caught fire, and Bonnie has expressed interest in taking a more active part in selecting potential future partners for our little secret fantasy. We talk about it often, and have often expressed the hope that young Anthony will be at the party again this summer. Even though she won't promise to let him fuck her again, we agreed that if we do run into him, we may try to establish a longer-term sort of relationship.

We decided it would be best if she told him that I found out what happened last summer and not only was okay with it but wanted her to do it again, provided she kept it exclusive with him. That should give him the go-ahead he needs to fuck her again, and to see if he might be interested in getting together more regularly for discreet encounters. I would love to have a deserving young guy I like and trust to enjoy fucking my wife as often as she'll let him.

It goes to show that some married women will fuck other guys to please their husbands and add spice to their own sex lives. I wish I had known a couple like us when I was Anthony's age!

L.N., Tallahassee, Florida      

They Set Out to Procure Heavier Equipment Than He Could Provide

My story starts with the fact that I love reading accounts of husbands watching their lovely wives get fucked by other men. My wife is a very sexy 30-year-old Latina. We had been married for three years, and our sex life was totally fine—or so I thought. One night during sex I brought out a huge dildo I'd bought that morning. As I licked Carmen's pussy, I slid the dildo in. She went wild, moaning louder and louder as I slid it in deeper and deeper. I started to talk while I fucked her with the dildo, saying stuff like, "Ooh, you like a big cock, don't you?" and "Don't you love the way it fills your pussy?" She moaned things like, "Yes, I love a huge cock in my pussy," and, "Fuck me deep!" I couldn't believe how hard she came!

After she recovered, we lay in bed talking about how much she loved it. She said it was a long time since she had a really big cock in her, and she forgot how much she loved it. I asked her why she didn't say anything sooner, and she said it was because I don't have a big cock, so what would be the sense in telling me?

I said that I love her and would do anything to make her happy. She got quiet for a while, then said, "And what could you do?"

I said I didn't know, but I would think about it.

The next night I showed Carmen my copies of Penthouse Letters, especially the "Someone's Watching" and "Open Season" type of letters. She read a few of them, and I knew she was getting horny. I took out the dildo and started fucking her while she read. She started saying things like, "Ooh honey, his cock is so big," and, "He's fucking me so good."

When she said that, I moaned uncontrollably.

She laughed and said, "Does that turn you on? Does the thought of your wife getting fucked by a big cock make you hard?"

I groaned, "Yesss!"

She laughed again and said, "Why does it turn you on? Is it 'cause your cock is too small to fill me up?"

I groaned even louder.

"Ooh," she said, "does the thought of a huge cock pounding into me get your little cock all hard? I bet you would love to see me getting fucked by a big cock. Maybe even join in? Oh, I don't mean that you'll fuck me. Maybe I'll tell him to let you suck his cock." When she said that, I all but came on the spot! She laughed and took the dildo out of her pussy and said for me to lick it. I kept looking into her eyes while she fed the dildo down my throat. I was in heaven.

She said the reason she loves big cocks is that I have a small one. She said that from now on she would go out and find nice big cocks to fuck, and if I'm a good little slut, maybe she'll let me suck the come out of her pussy—and maybe, if the guys want to, they'll let me watch while they stuff her pussy full.

Since Carmen was fucking my mouth with the dildo, I could only nod, but she understood my eagerness. Ever since then, she has been sucking and fucking guys with big cocks. She comes home with her pussy filled with their come, then sits on my face and lets me lick it all out while she tells me how good they fucked her. Sometimes she fucks my ass with a dildo while she tells her stories.

Lately Carmen has been telling me that the next step is to dress me up and take me to a strange town so we both can pick up guys with huge cocks. It sounds like a plan to me!

J.A., Milwaukee, Wisconsin      

First His Friend's Wife Lost Her Top on His Harley, and Then . . .

My wife was away on a business trip, and my good friend Larry had invited me to his house for dinner. Judy and I had been friends with Larry and his wife Erin for a few years. We had vacationed together and spent many a drunken night in a hot tub—but always with bathing suits on. Nothing had ever happened, although I would have loved it if it had, because Erin was hot. She was about five-feet-four and very athletic-looking, with long red hair, and she had huge breasts that looked even larger than they were on her small tight frame. I had often dreamed of kissing those gorgeous tits, but had never had the nerve to even suggest anything like that.

I drove over to their house on my Harley and arrived at around eight o'clock. It was nearly dark, and Erin already had the grill going. She looked great. She was wearing a very low-cut, loose-fitting white spaghetti-strap top and very short tan shorts. The shorts showed off her gorgeous legs, and the shirt showed so much cleavage that my knees felt weak.

After dinner we sat out on the patio and enjoyed the evening and a few beers. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could swear that Erin was bending over more than necessary, allowing me a very nice view of her tits under her loose shirt. Later I noticed her absently rubbing the bottom of her cold beer bottle up and down her chest. I watched as the droplets of water ran down and between those beautiful tits. I still had a nice buzz going, and watching her made me even hornier.

We sat there drinking for an hour or so, until Erin suggested we move inside and get the party started. We went into their game room, and immediately Erin challenged me to a game of darts on the electronic dart board. She turned on some music and we played. She beat me in short order, and then proceeded to beat Larry as well. She continued to win consistently as we all continued to drink beer after beer.

After a while Larry suggested that the reason we couldn't win was that we were just playing for fun, and that a real man needed something to play for to make it interesting. He went to the bar and pulled out a bottle of bourbon and a shot glass, then declared that the loser of each game had to drink a shot. Winking at me, he said that if we could get Erin drunk, we might have a shot at winning. He then added, in a mock whisper, that the drunker she got, the hornier she got, too. Erin just laughed, but she agreed to the new rules, commenting that she could beat us whether she was drunk or not.

But her confidence waned a bit as Larry beat her in the next game. She went to the bar and downed the shot without hesitation. Larry beat me quickly, and then beat Erin again, each of us drinking our shots. By now I was really buzzing, and it appeared that Erin was as well. She started dancing and swaying to the music.

Larry now seemed unbeatable. The next time he beat Erin she went over to the bar and picked up the shot glass, but then she hesitated, saying that she was getting pretty drunk and didn't think it was a good idea to keep up this pace. Larry told her that a bet was a bet. Erin said she was afraid she would get sick if she didn't slow down, and then asked if there wasn't something else she could do that would satisfy us.

Well, I could think of a few things, but of course I didn't say so. But it was as though Larry had read my mind. He grinned at her and said maybe she could take an article of clothing off, rather than take a drink. He then asked me if I thought that would be okay, and I quickly said that it definitely would. Erin grinned at both of us and asked, "Are you two trying to get me naked?"

Feeling bolder now in light of what seemed to be going on, I replied, "Damn straight! I love looking at naked women!" I looked over at Larry to see his reaction to my comment, but he just smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, well, I like to look at naked men, too," Erin said. "So if you guys want me to strip, you have to do the same when you lose." Larry and I looked at each other and shrugged, then quickly agreed. Erin just stood there for a moment, then grabbed the bottom of her blouse and began slowly pulling it up. Just as she pulled it high enough to expose the bottom of her huge tits, she let it fall back into place. Laughing at our disappointed expressions, she began to unbutton her shorts. She got them open and, with a twist of her hips, let them drop to the floor. Still laughing, she told us we'd have to beat her again to get her top off. I didn't mind, as she was wearing a very small white thong that very beautifully showed off her tight round ass.

Larry beat me the next game, and I quickly pulled off my shirt. But Erin now seemed more interested in dancing than in playing darts. When Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" started playing on the stereo, she rushed over and cranked up the volume, swaying wildly to the music. Then, as the song came to an end, she shouted that she wanted to do something wild. "I know!" she cried, looking at me. "I want to go for a ride on that motorcycle of yours!"


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