The Lincoln Reader


By Paul M. Angle

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The Lincoln Reader is a biography of Abraham Lincoln written by sixty-five authors. Paul Angle, the noted Lincoln scholar, selected passages from the works on contemporaries, later biographers, and even Lincoln himself, to form a composite portrait of one of the wisest and most beloved American presidents. These passages, interwoven by Angle’s running commentary, blend into a single vivid narrative of Lincoln’s life, from his boyhood in Indiana to his assassination and funeral. First published in 1947, The Lincoln Reader has long been considered the most definitive, complete, and authentic retelling of the life of Abraham Lincoln


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Mar 22, 1990
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608 pages
Da Capo Press

Paul M. Angle

About the Author

Paul M. Angle, one of the nation’s outstanding Lincoln scholars, was director of the Chicago Historical Society and author of Mary Lincoln: Wife and Widow (with Carl Sandburg), Abraham Lincoln: 1854–1861, and A Shelf of Lincoln Books.

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