Leading from Purpose

Leading from Purpose

Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

Leadership guru, Fortune 500 consultant, and founder of the Authentic Leadership Institute, Nick Craig, brings to the page his enormously successful message and methods of purpose-driven leadership and provides a new framework for how we can lead ourselves and our teams to achieve our most ambitious goals.

Purpose and how it impacts leadership is becoming a very hot topic these days and was recently revealed to be one of the most important factors in organizational success and employee retention in the Harvard Business Review. Nick Craig has spent the past ten years studying leadership purpose, evolving from skeptic to evangelist as his experience and understanding have grown. He has worked with over 5000 executives in firms from GE to Unilever, whose stories all bear out his conclusion: Knowing your purpose is the key to authentic and effective living and leading. Leading from your purpose allows you to have real impact on the organizations and people you serve.

Yet exactly what purpose is and how to identify it remain elusive. All too often, it boils down to more of “do-what-you-love” platitudes (wouldn’t it be great if you could!). Or it is confused with finding a worthy cause and devoting yourself to it.

Nick Craig will transform your view of purpose from one of life’s many nice-to-haves-along with motherhood, apple pie, and a good night’s sleep-into the most powerful tool in a leader’s arsenal. Gaining clarity into your purpose, the highest ideal that defines and inspires you, gives you a touchstone against which to test your choices and actions, indeed every decision you make. As such, it provides the foundation for leading in a new and totally authentic way. Finding and living from your purpose is like flipping from auxiliary power to the main turbine.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics / Leadership

On Sale: June 5th 2018

Price: $14.99

Page Count: 304

ISBN-13: 9780316416238

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"Nothing is more at the core of what you need to lead in today's disruptive world than Nick's work on purpose. Working with Nick dramatically changed my professional path and I can't imagine leading Ben & Jerry's without it."—Jostein Solheim, CEO Ben & Jerry's
"Powerful things happen when people are connected to purpose. This book shows why and how. Nick Craig uses his wise insights and his well-honed gift of storytelling to teach and inspire us. Leading From Purpose is at once a road map and a revelation destined to become a classic in the purpose movement."—Richard Leider, author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, and Life Reimagined
"Nick Craig is on fire and the fire has driven him across the bridge of convention to the realm of sacred conversation and deep learning. In that realm, he has helped thousands to find their purpose, or unique gift. Now he returns with deeply synthesized insights. This book will turn the thousands into millions. If you want to know who you really are or what your organization is meant to do, this is a must read."—Robert E Quinn, Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan, co-director of the Center for Positive Organizations
"Nick Craig's breakthrough book, Leading from Purpose, will transform your life, as you discover your authentic purpose. With his depth of understanding, brilliant insights, and powerful examples, Craig enables you to find the deeper meaning of your life so you can make a lasting impact on the world around you."—Bill George, bestselling author of Discover Your True North, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, and former Chair & CEO of Medtronic
"For leaders to navigate this complex world and make ethical decisions with speed, they need resilience and direction. Nick's work enables leaders to realize their true purpose and tap into energy and vision they didn't realize they had. The results? Leaders who are equipt to lead themselves, others and their organizations, even in the toughest of environments."—Selina Millstam, VP & Global Head of Talent Management, Ericsson
"Leadership--useful, generous, humble leadership--is our most urgent need today. Nick Craig shares his wisdom on how each of us can make a difference, starting now."—Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of Linchpin