Optimize Your Brain to Transform the Way You Work


By Mithu Storoni, PhD

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Neuroscience researcher Dr. Mithu Storoni reveals how to maximize your mental resources to get your mind working at peak efficiency throughout your day.

We have always been surrounded by information, but today we are bombarded with abundant salient information, as endless emails, texts, news articles (and more) demand sustained mental attention and processing. To keep up with these incessant demands, modern-day knowledge workers are expected to operate with industrial-era efficiency—yet our brains are not designed to produce a never-ending stream of consistent outputs, like workers on an assembly line.

In fact, says neuroscientist Mithu Storoni, our brains function less like a factory machine and more like a car's engine, with multiple gears working at different levels of intensity and speed. Each of these gears primes our brain to execute particular functions, like complex thinking, creativity, concentration, and decision‑making.

In Hyperefficient, Dr. Storoni reveals how to shift our brains into the optimal gear for different mental tasks throughout the day. Instead of imposing the rhythm of assembly line work on the brain, she proposes we can impose the rhythm of the brain on our work, and in turn achieve higher-level performance, without running out of gas.


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Sep 17, 2024
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Mithu Storoni, PhD

About the Author

Dr. Mithu Storoni is a neuroscience researcher, trained physician, and ophthalmic surgeon. She advises multinational companies, educational institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, and various other organizations on mental performance and stress management.

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