Everyday MAGIC

The Joy of Not Being Everything and Still Being More Than Enough


By Mattie James

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Find the motivation you need to feel good about your life with the help of this inspiring guidebook to MAGIC.

Today we are all stretching ourselves more than ever to live up to life’s seemingly endless demands, so why do we still feel we are less than enough? Mattie James— mother, influencer, and CEO—believes that living a beautiful life amidst the chaos and pressures is possible. All it takes is a little everyday MAGIC.
In this book, Mattie shows you how, helping you to evaluate the tasks and decisions you face in your daily life to make sure everything in your life is MAGIC: 
  • Meaningful
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Goal-oriented
  • Intentional
  • Consistent
This honest and practical guide offers tools, insights, and encouragement to help you center yourself within the minutiae of everyday life and evaluate tasks to become intentional about everything you do. Mattie shows readers how to be more efficient by making big decisions in the morning, batching household chores for maximum effectiveness, and deciding which tasks to tackle yourself and which to hire out. She also shows you how to provide healthy meals for your family with minimum hassle, eliminate clutter and stress in your home to make space for the heart, and ultimately make your life, career, home, and family a reflection of what makes you whole. 
The work required to change your life has been inside you all along. It’s not deep, just deliberate. This book begins your journey to connect with yourself so that you can prioritize your own reasons for everything you do.

  • "Everyday MAGIC isn’t the type of book you read once, twice, or even thrice. You’ll end up highlighting your favorite parts so you can refer back to them…which is exactly what we did. Mattie will inspire you, encourage you, and remind you that you’re not alone on your good days and your bad days."
    Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, co-founders of The Home Edit
  • "Everyday MAGIC is a refreshing dose of wisdom that reminds us that we don’t have to be superwoman to live full, nourishing, and powerful lives of our own design. Mattie gives women the blueprint to redefine success unapologetically by embracing her own God-given MAGIC."
    Patrice C. Washington, award-winning host of the Redefining Wealth podcast
  • “If you’re faking the enjoyment of your day-to-day life, lacking motivation, or unsure of what to do next, Everyday MAGIC is for you. Mattie’s gift is evident through her inspiring stories and tactical strategies to help you live what you love without doing it all. If you know it’s time to quiet the noise of the world and come back to your own heartbeat, this book is for you.”
    Jenna Kutcher, podcaster and author of How Are You, Really?
  • “Mattie curates her life in a way that allows her to make living with only what she enjoys AND alongside her family. I am consistently inspired by her and Everyday MAGIC is no different! Everyday MAGIC is goals—the kind that are outlined, attainable, and can be completely tailored to each of us. I’m so grateful to Mattie for sharing her framework on living well.”
    Codie Oliver, CEO of Black Love, Inc. and co-director of the docuseries Black Love
  • “Being a woman can be hard, and being a mom can be even harder. Today, our lives look different from those of our mothers and the women we admire that came before us. What Mattie has wonderfully outlined in this essential read is how to capture what we all innately possess, even though we may have lost it or have yet to discover it—our MAGIC.”
    Tonya Rapley, author and CEO of My Fab Finance

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Mattie James

About the Author

Mattie James is a full-time content creator, lifestyle influencer and owner of MattieJames.com. She creates lifestyle content for her blog, podcast and YouTube channel while working with brands like Samsung, T.J. MAXX and J. Crew. After being crowned Miss Liberia USA in 2009, Mattie started her blog as a hobby and grew it into the seven-figure business it is today. She’s taught thousands of content creators and influencers how to grow their following, pitch brands and create content for profit with her online courses and masterclasses. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and three beautiful children. 


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