Building a Better World for All


By Mark Carney

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A bold, urgent argument on the misplacement of value in financial markets and how we can and need to maximize value for the many, not few.

As an economist and former banker, Mark Carney has spent his life in various financial roles, in both the public and private sector. VALUE(S) is a meditation on his experiences that examines the short-comings and challenges of the market in the past decade which he argues has led to rampant, public distrust and the need for radical change.

Focusing on four major crises-the Global Financial Crisis, the Global Health Crisis, Climate Change and the 4th Industrial Revolution– Carney proposes responses to each. His solutions are tangible action plans for leaders, companies and countries to transform the value of the market back into the value of humanity.


  • "A radical book that speaks out accessibly as to how we get everyone involved in solving our problems. And this is what we need: 50 Shades of People for 50 Shades of Green."—Bono, lead singer of U2
  • "Mark Carney’s indispensable new book asks how we can go from knowing the price of everything to understanding its true value. From the Great Financial Crisis to climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, this is the essential handbook for 21st century leaders, policymakers and everyone who wants to build a fair and sustainable world."—Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank
  • "Thought-provoking and readable… As societies struggle to rebuild solidarity in the post-Covid world, it will be an essential guide"—Raghuram Rajan, Former Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India
  • "Mark Carney draws on his unique experience of running two central banks to offer original and thought provoking solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – from Covid to climate change."—Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • "A fantastic read for anyone interested in the most pressing issues facing us. The need for a world of profit with better purpose is explained in such a clear and persuasive style. I hope it gets read by many people."—Jim O'Neill, Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom
  • "A roadmap to a fairer and more responsible, resilient world. Carney offers trenchant insights into our relationship with money and status, imagination and responsibility critical to our world’s future. What do we invest in – profit or human potential? This book is irradiated with the inspiring and critical conviction that money can be transformed into a tool of collective good."—Antony Gromley
  • “This is an important book. It would be helpful if the right people read it.”—Evening Standard
  • Value(s) is something of a landmark achievement. Carney is at his most sure-footed and convincing on the rise of a market society and the accompanying decline of values… His ringside seat account of the financial crash, when his pre-emptive actions at the Bank of Canada helped insulate the country from the worst of the crisis, along with his damning diagnosis of early 21st-century banking, are gripping. His argument that companies that are driven by creating an intrinsic purpose from which they derive profit fare best over time both for themselves and society is among the best summations I have read… The sweep and aim of Value(s) remains magnificent. It will help arm the best in business, finance and government and disarm the worst. The progressive cause has been advanced. The boy from Canada’s Northwest Territories, still slightly incredulous at his own phenomenal career given his modest beginnings, done good.”—The Observer
  • “A powerful exploration of how the rise of ‘market fundamentalism’ has been detrimental to economic systems and democratic values… This is an exhaustive and persuasive look at how and why the global financial system needs to be reformed.”—Publishers Weekly
  • Value(s) delivers very credible answers to the question of how we should tackle the most fundamental problems of our time. It is a rich, thought-provoking and often inspiring read.”—The New Statesman

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Mark Carney

About the Author

Mark Carney is an economist and banker. He is currently serving as the UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance. From 2013 to March 2020, he served as the Governor of the Bank of England and Chair of the Monetary Policy Committee, Financial Policy Committee and the Board of the Prudential Regulation Committee.
He lives in Ottawa, Canada.

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