Become Your Child's Sleep Coach

The Bedtime Doctor's 5-Step Guide, Ages 3-10


By Lynelle Schneeberg

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Proven bedtime solutions for parents of preschool and elementary school children — from a Yale doctor

While there are plenty of resources available to establish healthy sleeping patterns for babies and toddlers, there’s very little guidance for parents who want to help their preschool and elementary school children (ages 3 – 10) sleep well. However, parents can be effective sleep coaches for their children once they know what to do. Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach meets that need by giving you a simple plan to coach your children to be wonderful sleepers, as well as methods to deal with bed wetting, sleep walking, night terrors, and other sleep issues. The five-step plan shows you how to:

1: Prepare your child’s bedroom for great sleep
2: Use the 5B Bedtime Routine every night
3: Teach your child to self-comfort as you work your way out of the room
4: Limit “callbacks and curtain calls”
5: Manage night and early morning wakings

“A tremendous resource that will teach you exactly how to solve your child’s sleep problems.” — From the Foreword by Meir Kryger, MD, author of The Mystery of Sleep

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Lynelle Schneeberg

About the Author

Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg, known as the Bedtime Doctor, is a behavioral sleep psychologist who has helped thousands of families solve their children’s sleep problems. She is an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine and the Director of the Behavioral Sleep Program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

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