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Meet The Author: Karen Moore

Karen Moore has nearly 100 published books in the inspirational and devotional, Bible promise, children’s books, and “how-to” categories. Her bestselling devotionals range across several titles, including: What a Great Word!, Prayers from the Heart, Becoming a Woman of Worth, and The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional. She’s a speaker, an author coach, and a content provider for the Christian industry. Karen lives with her husband in Richmond Hill, Georgia. Follow Karen at

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"The term 'short, sweet, and to the point' is often misused, but it perfectly and beautifully describes Karen Moore's new devotional. We live super-busy lifestyles and the short chapters leave us without excuse for taking a moment to consider the deep things of God. Each chapter is sweet with truth that is nourishment for the soul. And the 'to the point' target helps focus on the main thing each and every day. Recommended reading!"—Joel Comm, New York Times best-selling author
"What a great word. Another devotional, you might think. If you are like me, I am in the Word every morning and always looking for a fresh perspective. This book will fit great into my daily readings. It does exactly what I'm looking for, and that is to come from a new place to find fresh thoughts and ideas to help me grow in and receive more from the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your gift Karen."—Marty Roe, Diamond Rio
"While reading this book, What a Great Word!, I'm reminded how it is important to think and meditate on what we read in God. Thank you, Karen Moore, you've made this a daily devotion that everyone can understand and walk away feeling enlightened. God bless you as you help people draw closer to the Savior."—George Shinn, the George Shinn Foundation
"A few simple words can be a powerful thing. They bring hope to despair and order into chaos. They can calm both stormy seas and anxious hearts. Karen Moore's new book, What a Great Word!, helps to take the living words of scripture and weave them into encouraging devotionals for daily life."—Daniel Rice, author of #Gospel: Life, Hope, and Truth for Generation Now
"'God's Word is alive, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword' is a familiar verse in Hebrews. In What a Great Word! Karen Moore has captured what is truly alive and active about reading scripture, and has come up with a refreshingly simple, yet intensely focused way to bring new life and a new perspective to daily-devotional reading. Pick up a copy, and enjoy!"—Joe Battaglia, author of The Politically Incorrect Jesus
"God chose His words carefully, wisely, and precisely. What a Great Word! drew my attention to the detail in God's precise promises. It strengthened my resolve to trust God to manage my life's problems, big or small. It actually helped me relax at the beginning of each day. I highly recommend this devotional for each day of the year, with an added one to grow on."—Brenda Golden, Entertainment Marketing/PR, CEO of
"Sometimes devotionals inspire your heart. Sometimes they edify your thinking and give you a new perspective. Other times, they simply fill your spirit with joy. Karen Moore's new book What a Great Word! does all those things for the reader and more. I look forward to spending some time with this book every morning."—David L. Hancock, founder and CEO of Morgan James Publishing
"We often search the Bible for just one word from God that will give us hope and encouragement for the day. Karen Moore's new book, What a Great Word!, gives us those special words that help us face life's challenges and joys with encouragement, hope, and love. This is truly an inspiring book. Thank you, Karen."—Terry Squires, author, television host
"Sometimes you just need a good word! What Karen Moore has done in What a Great Word! though is give you a fresh look at words she selected from scripture to offer a new perspective. Each word causes you to think more deeply about the passage and to focus on that word in a way you may never have done before. I look forward to getting a daily nugget of refreshment each time I open What a Great Word!"—Duane Ward, CEO, Premiere Marketing, LLC
"My father was a newspaper man, and my mother was an English teacher, so words played an integral part in my life. My parents taught me that choosing the right word for the occasion was meaningful, but even more important was the recognition that words can either be helpful or hurtful. Karen Moore's devotional, What a Great Word!, is more than just helpful. In the simplest manner, she guides the reader/contemplator to embrace a word within the Word, not just for personal edification, but also for action. I look forward every morning to discovering what word will be highlighted for the day, and I'm confident that others will feel the same."—Ron Doyle, Owner, TargetOne Coaching
"I love getting up every morning and contemplating this special word of the day as I do my prayers and read God's word. I highly recommend What a Great Word!"—Pete Kersten, illustrator, Kersten Brothers Studios
"Starting each morning with inspiring and thought-provoking words can help set the tone for your entire day in such a positive and uplifting way. Karen Moore's new book What a Great Word! gives you the tools to do just that. In our complicated world, it's so easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. Reading a devotional like Karen's will help to feed your spirit and encourage you to see the world through the eyes of love."—Kathy Davis, Kathy Davis Studios, Chief Visionary Officer, author, and artist
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What a Great Word for Grads

A Devotional

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What a Great Word for Grads is a unique gift book that offers inspiring devotional thoughts, literary quotes, Scriptures and prayers, all built around key Bible words. Each word is intended to encourage, challenge, and bless those who are graduating from high school and college, as well as those who may be graduating into different arenas of life, or simply moving forward in a new direction.

Readers will discover words meant to be pondered and digested, each one offering a fresh, new perspective on a biblical word as it applies to the milestone of graduation. Each word will inspire graduates’ hearts to remember that God is with them wherever they may be.

What a Great Word for Grads offers graduates encouragement for the next steps they take in life, and an opportunity to draw closer to God.