The Dragonsitter's Island


By Josh Lacey

Illustrated by Garry Parsons

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Book 4 in a fresh, funny chapter book series, told in a series of emails, about a boy named Eddie and two naughty pet dragons!

Eddie is dragonsitting again, this time on Uncle Morton’s island! As if the dragons weren’t enough, there are some strange things afoot: the local sheep are disappearing, and Eddie swears he sees a mysterious creature in the lake (could it be the Loch Ness Monster??). It seems Eddie is in for a beastly surprise!

This quirky, original series is a delight for young readers ready for a high-flying adventure.


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A Sneak Peek of The Dragonsitter’s Party

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Dear Uncle Morton,

Where is the key to your house?

We arrived on your island this morning, but we couldn't get in.

Mom thought you might have left it under a stone or buried in a flowerpot, so we searched everywhere.

Emily discovered a silver necklace and I found two coins, but there was no sign of the key.

Through the window I could see your dragons going crazy. I didn't know if they were happy to see us or just hungry, but Arthur was charging around and around the house, knocking over your furniture, and Ziggy wouldn't stop breathing fire.

Luckily, Mr. McDougall was still here. He was sure you wouldn't mind if he broke a window.

Unfortunately, he couldn't open the front door from the inside, so we had to push the suitcases through the window and climb in after them.

Ziggy and Arthur are much happier now that we've given them our presents (a big box of malted milk balls for her and three packets of chocolate mini eggs for him).

They also ate our leftover sandwiches from the train and the book I was reading. Luckily, the book wasn't very good.

Emily and I are going to search your house for the key. Mom says if we can't find it, we'll have to go home tomorrow and the dragons can fend for themselves.

I said I wouldn't mind climbing in and out of the window for the whole week, but Mom told me not to be ridiculous.

Have you taken it by mistake? Didn't you leave a spare anywhere?

Love from your favorite nephew,


Dear Uncle Morton,

We haven't found the key, but I have found your phone. Mom called you to leave another message, and I heard it ringing behind the sofa.

I hope you don't need it in Outer Mongolia. I put it on the mantelpiece with the necklace and the coins.

Mr. McDougall has gone back to the mainland in his boat. Emily says it's creepy being the only people here, but I like it.

Thanks for your instructions and the map. Emily and Mom took hours unpacking their bags, so I've been exploring. I climbed Dead Man's Cairn and walked all the way along the beach to Lookout Point.

Arthur sat on my shoulder like a parrot. At first I was worried he might burn my ear off, but he hasn't been breathing any fire at all. Isn't he old enough?


Dear Uncle Morton,

We have now searched your house, your garden, and quite a lot of your island, but we still can't find the key. Please write back ASAP and tell us where it is.

Mom is dead serious about leaving tomorrow. It's not just because of the key. It's the poop, too. Ziggy did one in the kitchen and another by the back door.

I know it's not her fault. She can't fit through the window, and she has to go somewhere. I just wish she could hold them in until we've found the key.

Also Mom is asking where the can opener is.


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Josh Lacey

About the Author

Josh Lacey is the author of many books for children, including The Island of Thieves, Bearkeeper, and the Grk series. He worked as a journalist, a teacher, and a screenwriter before writing his first book, A Dog Called Grk. Josh lives in London with his wife and daughters.

Garry Parsons has illustrated several books for children and is the author and illustrator of Krong!, winner of the Perth and Kinross prize.

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