What Matters Most

How a Small Group of Pioneers Is Teaching Social Responsibility to Big Business, and Why Big Busines


By Jeffrey Hollender

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For more than sixteen years, Jeffrey Hollender has presided over Seventh Generation, a world leader in manufacturing environmentally friendly, nontoxic household products. What Matters Most illuminates the successful practices of Seventh Generation-and many other pioneering companies around the world-to demonstrate the pragmatic aspects of a corporate strategy that hardwires social and environmental concerns into the company’s culture, operating systems, and business relationships. It shows business leaders how to assess their own company’s performance, adopt a socially responsible approach to doing business, and embark on a path of long-term growth.

“Jeffrey Hollender . . . has shown that doing the right thing does pay off both in terms of building a brand that generates great customer loyalty and a business that has consistently generated superior growth.” — Ben Cohen, Founder, Ben & Jerry’s

What Matters Most stands out for its moderate and thoughtful analysis of a controversial issue . . . Hollender is a voice of reason in today’s important debate on corporate responsibility.” — Soundview Speed Reviews

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Jeffrey Hollender

About the Author

Jeffrey Hollender is President and CEO of the Vermont-based Seventh Generation. A frequent commentator on corporate responsibility, he has appeared before such varied groups as the Harvard Environmental Forum, the World Resources Institute Sustainable Enterprise Summit, Nike’s Apparel Group, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Conference, the United Nations Summit on Sustain-able Growth, and many others. He is the author of the bestselling How to Make the World a Better Place and resides in Charlotte, Vermont.

Stephen Fenichell is a nonfiction author. His titles range from Plastic: The Making of a Synthetic Century and Passport for Profit (with emerging markets pioneer Mark Mobius) to A New Brand World with brand consultant Scott Bedbury. His articles have appeared in Men’s Journal, GQ, Business 2.0, Discover, and Newsweek International. He lives in New York.

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