Do Life Differently

A Strategic Path Toward Extraordinary


By Jeff D. Reeter

With Kris Bearss

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In this guide to living as your authentic self, a successful businessman offers advice on how to live a prosperous and rewarding life by learning to take charge and lead yourself and others.

Countless books focus on leadership. Numerous podcasts and TedTalks speak about leading others, leading organizations, developing leaders, and so on. But before you can lead others well, much less discover real success or leave a legacy that others will remember you for, you must first learn to lead yourself.

Jeff D. Reeter is a successful businessman, as well as an accomplished leader who has helped many become better versions of themselves. He has guided many on the path to achieving their goals, and he believes that when you live your life by design and make decisions based on your intentions, you can lead yourself to live the life you have always imagined.

Do Life Differently will help lead you toward extraordinary in all areas of life by offering guiding questions and exercises that will help you create your very own custom-tailored master action plan. Each step is designed with the purpose of helping you understand how to become the best version of your authentic self. You will also create a legacy that encourages others to learn, grow, and gain wisdom, values which will help them on their own journey.


  • "God is big enough to create a unique plan for each of us. None of us need nor should want to merely replicate someone else's life. It would be a waste of the one-of-a-kind life the Creator intends for each of us. Jeff Reeter makes that truth practical in his dynamic book Do Life Differently. From a super successful business career, Jeff approaches life with passion, purpose, and a plan."
    Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas 1996-2007
  • "Jeff has a remarkable track record of developing people AND developing leaders. He has done an amazing job using an approach all his own. Do Life Differently lays out Jeff's principles in a readable way that should benefit anyone who takes advantage of his knowledge. In reading this book it's clear why Jeff has been so successful."
    John Schilfske, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Northwestern Mutual
  • "In our fast-moving and stress-filled lives it is more important than ever to understand that we must each be able to lead. In Do Life Differently, Jeff Reeter provides you with the tools and strategies you will need for getting a handle on your life. It all starts with you: what you are, what your values are, and what are your core competencies. I want to make sure that all my adult children read this book."
    Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker, Chicago Bears
  • "An extraordinary book... I sincerely appreciate that Jeff measures 'extraordinary' in a multi-dimensional way to include faith, family, fitness, community leadership, friendship, development, and so much more. This is a unique kind of book on how to live the best life you possibly can...well worth your read."
    Steve Green, President, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.; Chairman of the Board, Museum of the Bible
  • "An inspirational guide on how to pursue a life of purpose and significance...This must-read book brilliantly describes how to find and achieve your dream."
    Ken Starr, attorney and New York Times bestselling author
  • "A powerful new look at leadership. Jeff Reeter shares his experience, wisdom and integrity in a fascinating and quick read. There are lessons in this book that will make all of us better. I strongly recommend that people searching for their path forward read this book."
    Bill Simon, President and CEO, Walmart, US (retired)

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Jeff D. Reeter

About the Author

Author and speaker JEFF D. REETER pursues life by design as an entrepreneur, servant leader and strategist. His mission in organizational leadership is wholly developing teams of champions dedicated to excellence in serving others.  He is often heard up and down the halls of his financial firm (Northwestern Mutual) saying, “Seek first to serve, love, care, matter, make a difference and be a catalyst in the life of another person and see if everything else doesn’t work out for you.”

Jeff is married to Cindy and enjoys outdoor adventures (hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.) and spending time at the Reeter Ranch with their family and friends.

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