Finding Purpose in the Unknown and Unexpected Seasons of Life


By Grace Wabuke Klein

Foreword by Bob Goff

Read by Grace Wabuke Klein

Read by Bob Goff

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This guide to living well through all the seasons of life encourages readers to trust God's timing and hold onto hope in the periods of waiting.

The trials of life can wear us down. Unexpected events force us to face a new reality and unanswered prayers lead us to a growing frustration about why God doesn’t intervene. We wonder if anything good can come out of this painful, dark, winter season.
Grace Wabuke Klein knows that there is purpose in our darkest days and seasons of waiting. In Flourish, Grace meets the reader in their heartache, disappointment, and pain and gives encouragement and a fresh perspective on the winter seasons we all go through, as well as practical steps to not just survive but to find purpose in the unknown and unexpected.
Drawing insight from her own winter seasons, Grace reveals the divine purpose in each season of our lives. She explains how:
  • Fall is a time of release—a necessary season of letting go of offenses, unhealthy relationships, hurts, bad habits, toxic friendships, pride, unforgiveness and other heart issues before we can ever move on to the next season
  • Winter is a time of unexpected challenges and unknown futures—yet lessons learned in life’s storms are deep and full of growth to shape us and makes us stronger.
  • Spring is a time of new things that require us to be open to new experiences, people, ideas, and perspective—stepping out into the unknown and uncomfortable.
  • Summer is a time when everything is flourishing—we clearly see how each season cultivated a deeper level of faith and spiritual muscles, developing our character and perseverance.
Grace discovered there is value and unseen gifts in each season, but only in the hard seasons and storms of life are vital spiritual disciplines developed. Flourish connects with the reader in the tension and storms of life to bring a word of hope.


  • “Flourish is a must-read gardening guide for sowing, planting, and harvesting spiritual fruit. Drawing on her own life seasons, Grace Klein distills spiritual maturity, practical wisdom, and savvy insight from the Bible. She reminds us that God is always working in us, even in the darkness of winter, and that sustainable growth requires rest, stillness, and patience.
    Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands, Author of Out of the Cave and Pray First
  • "It can be devastating to walk through a season of deep pain that seems to stretch on forever. My friend, Grace, knows exactly what this is like, and I do too. That's why I love how she reminds us that every season has its purpose and every winter season eventually turns into spring, summer and fall. For those waiting in the midst of life's unknowns, please take the time to sit with this beautiful book!"
    Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries
  • "Flourish will help you discover how to live with purpose in the midst of life’s trials and pain. Grace’s story of God’s faithfulness will inspire you to trust Him with your hopes and dreams."
    Miles McPherson, Pastor of the Rock Church, San Diego and Author of The Third Option
  • "Grace Wabuke Klein has given us a beautiful look into the many trials and triumphs that accompany the different seasons in our lives as we journey with God. Our hearts were moved as she shared some of the most intimate and vulnerable moments of her life in this book. Having the privilege to know Grace, we can say with confidence that you will experience through her writing the same strength, faith, and intimate relationship with God that emanates from her in person. We believe Flourish will not only be an inspiration to many but will also provide a roadmap that can be returned to again and again as we journey through our own seasons of life, learning to trust God in it all."
    Mike and Barb Cameneti, Lead Pastors Faith Family Church
  • "Grace has put her cards of transparency on the table for us to see how to survive when we do not have the answers, and how to create momentum in each of the four seasons that develop a thriving harvest on the other side of difficult seasons of our lives. Even if you are not in a winter season right now, Flourish provides the tools necessary that will allow the reader to develop the muscle memory needed to succeed well beyond survival when those hard times come upon us."
    George L Davis, Senior Pastor, Impact Church Jacksonville FL
  • “A must-read…Overflowing with wisdom, fresh perspective, and life-
    changing paradigm shifts…Will give you strength to live with passion and
    purpose through every season of life.”
    Steve Robinson, Pastor of Church of the King; author; and founder of Hope Today TV and Radio
  • "We have very few promises in life, but seasons is one promise from God that we can rest assured in. Each season is strategic in our growth and development as followers of Jesus. This is not to imply the seasons are easy, pain free or without moments of doubt. In Flourish, Grace beautifully weaves us an unexpected tapestry exemplifying an authentic journey through all four seasons: through the darkness, the waiting, the faith, and the surrender. Through her fearless journey we are able glean timeless truths to face our own seasons with strength and patience."
    Benny and Wendy Perez, Lead Pastors, ChurchLV
  • "Flourish is a gift. Grace Klein has been blessed with an exceptional and unique ability of seeing every person who crosses her path and loving them exactly where they are. She, with uncommon candor and kindness, shares the story of her life in a way that is guaranteed to bless and minister deeply to many, and I am so excited for you to read this book and to see Grace’s heart printed on every page."
    Chad Fisher, Lead Pastor, Rock City Church
  • "We have had the privilege and joy of being Grace’s pastors (and friends!) for over 20 years while she was on staff with us. We saw firsthand Grace’s unwavering faith and tenacity as she navigated the hardest of times, all the while trusting God and not her circumstances. Grace is gut-wrenchingly candid about her journey about being single for several decades while Mr Right was nowhere in sight.  Grace never settled, but instead poured herself into living life to the fullest and walking in divine purpose. Flourish gives the reader powerful, practical insight, motivation and tools to enter into a more intimate relationship with God."
    Dr. Jim and Marguerite Reeve, Founding Pastors, Faith Church
  • "I like three things about Grace. There’s actually more, but I’m going to tell you about the first three. First of all, she’s humble. She’s got a voice that carries far in people’s lives because she actually cares about people. Number two, she’s trustworthy. She doesn’t say things just because they’re the right things to say. She says things that are right. Number three, she loves God. This woman has taught me more about loving and loving Jesus than any dozen other people."
    Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author, Love Does and Dream Big
  • "Grace’s beautiful writing is an invitation, in the face of time, to be resilient, outrageously devoted to life in the hands of a gracious God… My hope is you will find courage in your own heart as you hold this book and be reminded of life’s gentle prodding toward the One who develops us in every season."
    Dianna Nepstad, Pastor, Fellowship Church, Antioch, California
  • "In her book, Grace has masterfully, and with great precision, tackled a topic that many shy away from, in order to bring hope and clarity in a world of ever-changing seasons. She brings out the reality that God really does have the capability to cause us to grow and flourish in each one of those seasons… This book will help so many people navigate through the different seasons of their lives so they will not simply exist, but flourish."
    Shaun Nepstad, Author of Don’t Quit in the Dip, Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church
  • "Grace has quickly become one of our dearest friends. She lights up every room with her smile and radiates with hope everywhere she goes. At the core of her heart is a humility that runs deep. She has chosen to embrace the ever-changing seasons of life with a pure heart - allowing her to see the purpose in each phase. We have watched her allow God to use her voice to become an incredible communicator and her message has already impacted so many many lives. Through her new book, she is going to inspire you to flourish in all that God has planned for your life." 
    DeLynn & Dino Rizzo, Executive Directors, Association of Related Churches

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Grace Wabuke Klein

About the Author

Grace Wabuke Klein and her husband Phil lead focus412, a ministry that helps churches grow. Through this ministry, they have worked with some of the largest and most influential churches across the country. Grace was born in Uganda during the tyrannical reign of Idi Amin, and her family fled to the United States and settled in Minnesota. Grace has a bachelor’s degree in U.S. History from the University of California, Berkeley, and earned a Master’s in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. She was on the pastoral leadership team at Faith Church in West Covina, California. For more than 15 years, she had the honor of empowering thousands in their leadership and spiritual growth. Grace and her husband have been married for over five years and reside in Birmingham, Alabama.

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