Severed Trust


By George D. Lundberg

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In January 1999 George Lundberg, the highly respected editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, was fired by the AMA. The stated reason for his dismissal was his rushing into print a study of sex that seemed to support President Clinton’s dubious definitions of infidelity. But as the media furor rose to fever pitch, it became clear that this “oral sex debacle” was not Lundberg’s first brush with controversy. He had outraged the AMA by charging on “60 Minutes” that doctors were burying their mistakes by not performing autopsies, and he had taken strong stands on such hot-button topics as assisted suicide, gun control, alternative medicine, and abortion. In this no-holds-barred book, Lundberg, now editor in chief of the online medical journal Medscape, speaks out on the crisis in contemporary medicine. He charges that organized medicine has surrendered to an overbuilt and overused political-industrial complex that underfunds prevention, undermines scientific research, and overlooks patients’ needs-with disastrous results for doctors and patients alike. High costs and managed care are the least of our problems, says Lundberg: the greatest threat is the pervasive erosion of professional standards. Lundberg’s keen analysis of greedy doctors, profit-hungry drug companies, and a corrupted AMA that seeks only to protect vested interests is certain to provoke controversy and stimulate debate.


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Mar 21, 2002
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George D. Lundberg

About the Author

George D. Lundberg, M.D., is Editor-in-Chief and Executive Vice President of Medscape. He was for seventeen years editor of JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. A resident of Chicago, New York City, and Los Gatos, California, he is on the faculties of Northwestern University and the School of Public Health at Harvard.

James Stacey was until his retirement in 1999 the Director of Media and Information Services for the Washington Office of the AMA. He is the author of Inside the New Temple: The High Cost of Mistaking Medicine for Religion (1993). He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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