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No Ordinary Duchess

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Nov 7, 2023




New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt delivers a breathtaking historical romance filled with drama and intrigue!

Julian Greycourt, the new Duke of Windermere, is called the Duke of Ice because of his complete, artic control. One glance from the duke’s icy blue eyes has been known to make men faint. Windemere is correct, dispassionate, and completely ruthless. There are rumors, though, about the scandalous demands he makes of his paramours in the bedroom.

Lady Elspeth de Moray, the thoughtful and shy youngest sister of the Duke of Ayr, only wants to end the warfare between her brother and Windermere. When Windermere suggests a truce bound by a marriage between the families, Ayr immediately turns him down. But Elspeth, knowing that this may be the only way to bridge peace between the families, secretly goes to Windermere and offers herself…as his bride.

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"Hoyt's writing is almost too good to be true."—Lisa Kleypas
"No one captures moments of heartbreak and hope in a relationship as exquisitely as Hoyt does, and the latest danger-infused, wryly witty addition to her exemplary Georgian-set Greycourt series, following Not the Duke’s Darling (2018), offers another master class in forward sensuality and fierce romanticism."—Booklist on When a Rogue Meets His Match
"Historical romance fans will be gratified by the way Hoyt highlights social issues, focusing on Gideon and Messalina's struggle against poverty and 18th-century gender roles. Credible characters, steamy romance, and heart-pounding action set this romance apart."—Publishers Weekly on When a Rogue Meets His Match
"Hoyt...marries her irresistibly witty writing style with an intrigue-steeped plot that is generously spiced with lively banter and lush sensuality."—Booklist on Not the Duke's Darling
"[T]his superbly executed historical romance is proof positive that this RITA Award-nominated author continues to write with undiminished force and flair. When it comes to incorporating a generous measure of dangerous intrigue and lush sensuality into a truly swoonworthy love story, Hoyt is unrivaled."—Booklist on Dearest Rogue
"Hoyt's exquisitely nuanced characters, vividly detailed setting, and seemingly effortless and elegant writing provide the splendid material from which she fashions yet another ravishingly romantic love story."—Booklist on Darling Beast
"An expert blend of scintillating romance and mystery... The romance between the beautiful and quick-witted Isabel and the masked champion of the downtrodden propels this novel to the top of its genre."—Publishers Weekly on Thief of Shadows
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The Greycourt Series