Simplify Your Life

100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter


By Elaine St. James

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The more complex life becomes, the more people crave simplicity. Whether it's in your work, relationships, health, finances, or leisure time, North America's simplicity expert Elaine St. James can help you learn to unwind and improve the quality of your life. If you're feeling over-powered, overextended, and overwhelmed, Simplify Your Life is the antidote, providing one hundred proven, practical steps for creating a simple and satisfying way of life.


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Apr 22, 2014
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Elaine St. James

About the Author

Elaine St. James, former real estate businesswoman, is the author of the national bestsellers Simplify Your Life, Inner Simplicity, and Living the Simple Life. She lives a quiet, simple life in Santa Barbara, California.

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