Absolute Zeros: Camp Launchpad (A Graphic Novel)

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By Einhorn’s Epic Productions

By Greg K. Smith

By Michael Tanner

Illustrated by Gabrielle Gomez

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Reach for the stars in this exciting graphic novel about three ambitious, space-loving kids who must put their differences aside to save their summer camp before it closes…for good.

Welcome to Camp Launchpad!

Summer is in full swing, which means a new class of kids has arrived to attend the best space camp in Florida…or at least, it used to be. With growing competition from the trendy rival camp next door, Camp Launchpad needs all the help it can get to keep its doors open.

Campers Val, Mark, and Pete are here for very different reasons: following in the footsteps of an astronaut mom, living up to expectations as a vice president’s son, or getting a once-in-a-lifetime scholarship. But they all have one huge thing in common: Their future in the stars launches from here…if there’s still a camp to launch from.

When the hotshot owner of the rival space camp makes a ten-million-dollar bet that could turn Camp Launchpad around, this unlikely trio must band together to pull off a miracle. If they don’t, this could be Camp Launchpad’s last summer ever!


On Sale
Mar 5, 2024
Page Count
224 pages
Little, Brown Ink


Einhorn’s Epic Productions

About the Author

As an entertainment creative house, Einhorn’s Epic Productions (EEP) builds heroic franchise IP for today’s ever-changing media marketplace. Focusing on underserved fandoms, EEP creates story IP to live in both traditional and nontraditional platforms like television, podcasts, graphic novels, film, immersive experiences, digital content, and more.

Born in Great Falls, Montana, Michael Tanner kept moving west until he hit the ocean and then he went south and stopped in Los Angeles. He had lived there longer than anywhere else so now considers himself an Angelino. He truly believes it is the greatest city in the world…once you figure out how to stop getting parking tickets. He has recently relocated back to the Pacific Northwest because he missed the color green and everything being damp all the time. His other works include Junior Braves of the Apocalypse, Orcs in Space, and Battle Grapple: Rebel.

Greg K. Smith is a writer and podcaster from Seattle, WA. He co-created and co-wrote The Junior Braves of the Apocalypse series, his first published work, with long time friend and writing partner Michael Tanner. He can be heard podcasting on Funny Book Forensics with Dan Shabot or Nerds From the Crypt with Saul Perez.  When Greg is not being creative, he can usually be found either working side by side with his wife Anne at their collectibles shop, The Retro Emporium, or cooking with his grandma.

Gabrielle Gomez is a professional comic book artist and illustrator. She graduated with honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a BFA in Cartooning. She has also won numerous awards including the Archie Goodwin Scholarship and Lila Eva Lewental Memorial Award.

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