Breathe Again

Inhaling God's Goodness, Exhaling His Blessings


By Ed Newton

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By inhaling deeply God’s love, grace, mercy, and so much more and then exhaling our praise to Him, we realize that a rich, abundant life is not about doing better but about recognizing that God is better.

We breathe because God gives us breath! We exist because God permits us! To inhale and exhale life is beyond a gift, it is an invitation to embrace a divine initiative that ushers promises of eternity to the here and now.

Many seem to be grasping for so much more in life. They long for a deeper reality of the eternal but continue to face frustration, failure, and fatal realities. Breathe Again is for anyone who is exhausted from their routine lives. For anyone whose rhythm of life is crying out for a fresh wind, a fresh voice, a fresh reality of divine calling and purpose. For those exhausted from their personal efforts to keep the family going in the right direction, to run that company, to lead that congregation, or to impact their campus.

Breathe Again is more than a motivational resource that simply challenges people to be more dedicated, disciplined, or devoted. Ed Newton helps readers realize a rich, abundant Christian life is not about doing better; instead, it’s all about recognizing that God is better. He is better than all our empty attempts to create new and improved selves. Just as our Creator did when He breathed life into Adam, when He brought Scripture to life, or when Jesus breathed out His last breath so we could breathe in His salvation, God’s supernatural intent and desire is to breathe upon your life for the purpose of a divine awakening.


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Ed Newton

About the Author

Dr. Ed newton is the lead pastor of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, a nearly 30,000-member congregation. Ed Newton is the blend of content with passion, intermixed with a unique ability to connect with all audiences from diverse walks of life. He sheds a unique perspective on overlooked and underestimated elements of Scripture in order for the purpose of clarity to the unseen. This has elevated him globally as a leading voice in pastoral leadership, next generational development, and missional strategy.

Ed is married to Stephanie and has four children, London, Lola, Liv, and Lawson. He holds a Doctor of Ministry in Pulpit Communication and Masters of Divinity degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary (Newburgh, IN) and a Masters of Religious Education from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (Memphis, TN). Before joining Community Bible Church, he was a speaker and leader in youth ministry, authoring Relentless and My Eight and coauthoring Student Ministry by the Book. He lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas.

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