The Parent Revolution

Rescuing Your Kids from the Radicals Ruining Our Schools


By Dr. Corey A. DeAngelis, Ph.D

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‘A great guide to help moms and dads take back control of their children’s education from the radical Marxists ruining our schools” — President Donald J. Trump

From the leader of the online army in America's parental rights movement comes the real story of how moms and dads across the country are turning the tide against radical activists in public schools.

It’s no secret that our government-run public education system has held generations of Americans hostage. The teachers unions—the government’s stormtroopers—have been hard at work running a mass misinformation campaign to convince parents that because this is how it has always been, this is how it has to be. But here’s what you may not realize: the parents are winning, and we have entered the death spiral of the education dictatorship. The school choice revolution is here, and moms and dads are successfully restoring parental rights in education, one state, one school district at a time.
In The Parent Revolution, Dr. Corey A. DeAngelis–public enemy #1 of the teachers' unions – takes readers inside this movement like no one else can. As Vox reported in late 2023, DeAngelis has become “the public face” of the effort, “traveling from state to state, holding rallies, making media appearances, and tweeting constantly.” Or as another education voice put it, “No one in education policy, advocacy, or activism has ever lived rent-free in more heads at once than Corey DeAngelis.”
As America’s most prominent and influential advocate of school choice, DeAngelis unapologetically argues why parents and political leaders must lean into the culture war taking place in schools. He exposes the hypocritical elites who are content to hold other people’s children captive to poorly run government schools while sending their own children to the best private and charter schools out there. And most importantly, he equips readers with the ability to make sure the potent forces of the educational industrial complex don’t regain their footing.

  • "School choice is the civil rights issue of our time. As I’ve long said, if my tombstone reads, ‘Ted played a meaningful role in bringing school choice to every child in Texas,’ I will die a happy man. I am grateful that my fellow Texan, Corey DeAngelis, is a lion on this issue and is working to improve the lives of every child by advancing school choice. Parents are upset about Cultural Marxist indoctrination in the school system, and Corey DeAngelis’s fantastic book shows how to channel that energy toward real solutions. Ruin Randi Weingarten’s day by reading this book."
    Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
  • “Corey DeAngelis is a FIGHTER for Parental Rights. His new book, The Parent Revolution, is a great guide to help Moms and Dads take back control of their children’s education from the RADICAL MARXISTS ruining our schools. As I have long said, School Choice is the CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE of our time, and parents must have a voice in their child’s education! When I am your President again, I will protect Parental Rights, support Teachers, and expand Educational Freedom for all American Families!” 
    President Donald J. Trump
  • "Corey DeAngelis reveals how America's movement for education freedom caught fire. He gives us all an inside look at how the government school monopoly overplayed its hand. The Parent Revolution is a true story about how moms and dads said 'enough.' It’s also an instruction manual for how to continue winning."
    Glenn Beck, New York Times best-selling author, nationally syndicated radio host of The Glenn Beck Program & Co-founder of Blaze Media
  • "Corey DeAngelis is a warrior for educational freedom. The Parent Revolution lays out the problem with America's schools—and the solution. It's a must-read for parents, teachers, and community leaders, who can use this book to create a brighter future for their children."
    Christopher F. Rufo, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute
  • "The Parent Revolution will save our country. The left has controlled the school system for far too long and we cannot afford to allow this socialist/globalist indoctrination to continue. Corey DeAngelis gives us the tools we need to fight back–and win for our kids!"
    Rachel Campos-Duffy, Co-Host FOX & Friends Weekend
  • "The nuclear family is the greatest form of governance known to mankind. The Parent Revolution reveals how moms and dads started fighting back against special interests–and gives us hope that educational freedom will help save the next generation of Americans."
    Vivek Ramaswamy, U.S. Presidential Candidate, American business leader, and New York Times best-selling author
  • "The Parent Revolution is here, thanks to the efforts of Corey DeAngelis. He's been on the front lines of education freedom, and now he’s written the book on it. Read this book, and join the Revolution!"
    Pete Hegseth, co-host FOX & Friends Weekend
  • "Government schools are literal prisons for children, and Corey DeAngelis explains how to set the kids free."
    Michael Malice
  • "Corey DeAngelis is considered public enemy number one by Randi Weingarten and the teachers' unions for good reason: he thinks parents shouldn't be treated as intruders when they want a voice in their children's education, students shouldn't have their minds colonized by crazy ideologies, and educational monopolies produce the same poor results as do all monopolies. In a world in which victories for freedom lovers are few and far between, the brilliant DeAngelis suggests in this bold manifesto that we can look to the future of education with genuine hope."
    Tom Woods, PhD, New York Times bestselling author, and winner, 2019 Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award
  • "Corey DeAngelis helped us in Arizona become the first state to achieve Milton Friedman's vision of universal school choice. This book lays out the blueprint to bringing education freedom to the rest of America."
    Doug Ducey, 23rd Governor of Arizona
  • "Today like never before, parents are standing up to teachers' unions and progressive activists and reclaiming their right to be the primary decision-makers in their children's education. This is the parent revolution sweeping America, and it’s the most important change to our education system in decades. If you’re a parent, lawmaker, or citizen who wants to contribute to the fight, read this book."
    Kim Reynolds, 43rd Governor of Iowa
  • "Teaching our children the 1619 project, who the oppressor class consists of, and that America and our Judeo-Christian founding is the problem and not the solution makes Randi Weingarten singularly dangerous to our country. Read The Parent Revolution to set free our children from her clutches once and for all."
    Mike Pompeo, 70th United States Secretary of State
  • "A must-read book for any parent concerned about their child's education today."
    Newt Gingrich, 50th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

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Dr. Corey A. DeAngelis, Ph.D

About the Author

Corey A. DeAngelis, PhD is a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children and a visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He has been labeled the “school choice evangelist” and called “the most effective school choice advocate since Milton Friedman.” He is a regular on Fox News and frequently appears in The Wall Street Journal. DeAngelis is also the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, a senior fellow at Reason Foundation, an adjunct scholar at Cato Institute, and a board member at Liberty Justice Center. He holds a Ph.D. in education policy from the University of Arkansas.

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