The Trauma of Burnout

How to Manage Your Nervous System Before It Manages You

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By Dr. Claire Plumbly

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Our human nervous system has the power to cope with high stress but not when it's been ground down by the relentless stimuli of today’s world. Over time, these persistent demands leave us burnt out because our nervous system is stuck in survival mode. In this mode, we have reduced capacity for rational thinking and less capacity to care. It becomes hard to make decisions, rest, solve problems, be mindful and set boundaries.   We withdraw from the people and activities that used to light us up. We slip into autopilot, making us prone to mistakes, and toxic behaviors that impact professional and personal relationships.
Drawing on polyvagal theory and her professional insights as a trauma therapist working with clients experiencing anxiety, trauma and burnout, Clinical Psychologist Dr Claire Plumbly will help you understand:

✨Why stress is different from burnout
✨How burnout stifles your ability to interact, think clearly and be productive or creative.
✨Why you get stuck in burnout and cannot ‘think’ your way out of it or engage in activities you know could help you.
✨ Cultural beliefs and psychological patterns that cause burnout
✨ How to soothe your nervous system back to full capacity using techniques and compassion.
By the end of this book, you will have tools to thrive amidst the challenges of modern life, at work, at home and through positive interactions and relationships.

  • "Fascinating insights into how your nervous system controls your thoughts and feelings and what you can do about it."
    Dr. Kirren Schnack, author of 10 Times Calmer
  • "This is a brilliantly researched and necessary book, to address a social epidemic. Claire’s brilliantly clear and simple traffic light system enables us all to better understand and support our nervous systems, and her exercises and case studies mean we can all be better equipped to avoid, treat and recover from symptoms of burnout."
    Emma Reed Turrell, Psychotherapist and Author of What Am I Missing
  • "This book is an essential read if you have been affected by burnout. Compassionate and knowledgeable, Dr Claire’s experience and warmth shine through. Filled with stories to bring the ideas to life and grounded in evidence based research, Dr Claire highlights that burnout is not your fault and empowers you to make positive changes to rebalance and overcome burnout. I am sure this book will help lots of people and will be recommending it widely."
    Dr Jessamy, Clinical Psychologist & author of The Imposter Cure

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Jan 14, 2025
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Dr. Claire Plumbly

About the Author

Dr. Claire Plumbly is an HCPC-Registered Clinical Psychologist and Director of Good Therapy Ltd in the UK, a center for trauma-focused therapy based online and in Somerset. Dr. Plumbly has over 20 years' therapeutic experience helping individuals overcome anxiety, trauma and burnout, both in the NHS and private practice.  She is also an accredited EMDR and CBT practitioner and an EMDR Consultant.

You can find her at her website or at @drclaireplumbly on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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