The Practice of Immortality

A Monk’s Guide to Discovering Your Unlimited Potential for Health, Happiness, and Positivity


By Ishan Shivanand

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Rooted in the story of his own transformative journey, monk and internationally beloved founder of Yoga of Immortals Ishan Shivanand shares how readers can tap into their own unlimited potential using the  methods that he’s taught to international corporate audiences, healthcare workers, college students, athletes, and military veterans.

When I speak of immortality, I am not speaking of some mythical state, I am speaking of an attitude. I am speaking of a practice. I am speaking of a wake-up call. It is not about gaining more time, but about expanding your relationship with the time you have. And that is what I offer to the readers of this book.

Ishan Shivanand was born into an ancient lineage of yogis spanning twenty-one generations, and he spent the first twenty years of his life in a Himalayan monastery. Grounded in the traditions of yoga, meditation, martial arts, storytelling, and herbal medicine, he developed the Yoga of Immortals (YOI) protocol, which is designed to help followers combat stress, anxiety, depression, and to create healthy individuals and healthy communities. From breathwork to an approach to yoga that is truly rooted in its ancient traditions (rather than a watered down, Westernized version), it’s a program Ishan has taught to audiences ranging from CEO’s to veterans, with his mindfulness sessions reaching millions. Now, told through the story of Shivanand’s passage from the ashram to California, The Practice of Immortality shares these proven, effective lessons and practices.

​In a world suffering the effects of anxiety, fear, competitiveness, and anger, and at a time when so many of us feel like there's not enough time for anything, Ishan encourages us to take a step back: The thing that makes us feel the anxiety of time moving “too quickly,” or the pressure of an imminent deadline, is never the actual passing of time. Structured as a thoughtful, revelatory narrative, with practices based in the true intentions and meaning of yoga, The Practice of Immortality will help you achieve that which you never thought possible.

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Feb 25, 2025
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Ishan Shivanand

About the Author

Ishan Shivanand is a monk, an acclaimed mental health researcher, a professor with expertise in non-pharmaceutical non-invasive meditative modalities, and the Founder of Yoga of Immortals (YOI) programs.  Ishan’s employee and corporate YOI wellness programs help with stress and burnout reduction among youth and professionals, physician burnout prevention, injury prevention for international sports athletes, and building mental resilience among military personnel and veterans. These YOI mental wellness protocols are derived from the timeless ancient yogic wisdom and healing sciences of India and consist of a combination of breathwork, disease-preventive yogic techniques, and cognitive and emotional stimulation. His programs have been scientifically proven to reverse anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and improve quality of life among 72-82% of test participants within 4-8 weeks of regular practice. These custom protocols have promoted healthy living in more than a million participants across 150 countries and been integrated into various government, healthcare, university, and corporate institutions. He lives with his family in California.

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