Join Diana Hagee in this insightful Bible study as she takes you verse by verse through the story of Hannah memorialized in 1 Samuel. Hannah endured heartache, frustration, and a deep feeling of inadequacy for being barren in a culture that honored motherhood. Still, she was a woman of patience, perseverance, and courage. Hannah cried out to God with absolute faith that He would hear her petition and answer it.

Using Scripture, powerful storytelling, and real-life examples, this study will help you:

  • Establish a foundation of Bible knowledge
  • Search the Word for answers to everyday life
  • Challenge yourself to dig deeper into the Bible individually or with a group
  • Reflect on God’s Word to understand His divine plan for you.
  • Discover that God’s Word is approachable, and it should be approached daily.
  • Equip you to live the victorious, committed life of a believer.

Hannah’s story emphasizes the power of prayer, faith, and praise. Like Hannah, God has a divine plan for every woman. He will pour out His unconditional love on your life as you seek to serve and glorify Him.

What's Inside

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