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Anointed with Oil

Anointed with Oil

How Christianity and Crude Made Modern America

A groundbreaking new history of the United States, showing how Christian faith and the pursuit of petroleum fueled America’s rise to global power and shaped today’s political clashes

Anointed with Oil places religion and oil at the center of American history. As prize-winning historian Darren Dochuk reveals, from the earliest discovery of oil in America during the Civil War, citizens saw oil as the nation’s special blessing and its peculiar burden, the source of its prophetic mission in the world. Over the century that followed and down to the present day, the oil industry’s leaders and its ordinary workers together fundamentally transformed American religion, business, and politics — boosting America’s ascent as the preeminent global power, giving shape to modern evangelical Christianity, fueling the rise of the Republican Right, and setting the terms for today’s political and environmental debates.

Ranging from the Civil War to the present, from West Texas to Saudi Arabia to the Alberta Tar Sands, and from oil-patch boomtowns to the White House, this is a sweeping, magisterial book that transforms how we understand our nation’s history.

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Genre: Nonfiction / History / United States / 19th Century

On Sale: June 4th 2019

Price: $21.99 / $27.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 688

ISBN-13: 9781541673946

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Reader Reviews


"This is one of the best and most original books ever written about the marriage of capitalism and Christianity in America. In a thrilling narrative that stretches from John D. Rockefeller to the brothers Koch, Darren Dochuk reveals how oil producers, their workers, and their muckraking critics drew on their religious and spiritual creeds to justify or condemn this indispensable industry. Anointed With Oil is a scholarly masterpiece."—Michael Kazin,
author of War Against War: The American Fight for Peace, 1914-1918 and professor of history, Georgetown University
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"In this brilliant book, Darren Dochuk taps into the intertwined histories of oil and religion and comes away with fascinating new discoveries about the course of business, religion and politics in the United States. Grounded in deep research and bursting with soaring prose, Anointed with Oil is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the origins of modern America."—Kevin M. Kruse, co-author of Fault Lines: A History of the United States since 1974
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