In Pieces

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By Danielle Pearl

Read by Chelsea Hatfield

Read by Dylan Wheeler

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Three years ago she was left in pieces . . .

Most college freshmen love the newfound freedom of living on campus, but none of them craves it like Beth Caplan. One ill-fated night when she was fifteen left her locked in a posh prison of private tutors. It’s for the best, everyone said, and maybe it was. But after years of hard work and healing, the one person who never thought of her as broken could be the one to break her all over again. And Beth can’t seem to stay away now any more than she could all those years ago.

As soon as David March learned his best friend’s little sister was enrolling at his school, he promised to look after her, and promised himself he’d keep a safe distance. But the sweet little girl he’d grown up with has transformed into a gorgeous young woman, and she’s attracting attention from people she shouldn’t-like the ex who nearly destroyed her and a strange new student with a disturbing habit of showing up wherever Beth goes. But for David, the most troubling discovery is realizing that he doesn’t just want Beth to be safe. He wants her to be his.


  • "Refreshing New Adult read that reminded me why I fell in love with the genre in the first place. Wonderful!"—#1 New York Times Bestselling AuthorRachel Van Dyken
  • "In Pieces is emotional, deliciously angsty NA. A must read!"—Monica Murphy, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • "An addictive read that tugs at your heart with well-written realistic characters who keep you turning the page for more."—Terri E. Laine, USA Today Bestselling Author
  • "Readers who love to immerse themselves in does-he-or-doesn't-he? (and does-she-or-doesn't-she?) emotional turbulence will sink happily into Pearl's moving story."—Omnivoracious on In Pieces
  • "A fantastic read! I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys love/hate relationships or just loves New Adult in general!"—The Book Enthusiast on In Ruins
  • "In Ruins was jammed packed with GOODNESS! You know this book reminds me and gave me all the feels Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire did. For all you Travis Maddox lovers out there, you will love Tucker Green just as much."—PunchDrunkLibrary
  • "A poignant, touching, and very raw emotional storyline of two former lovers getting back to that love and friendship that once tethered them together."—Four Chicks Flipping Pages on In Ruins
  • "This book may be called In Ruins but the only thing it will ruin is giving you a good night's sleep as you won't be able to put this book down!"—Cheryl's Book Nook
  • "Normal is the kind of book that opens your heart, examines its parts and then stomps all over it only to put it back together again, better than before. It's feels overload!"—Young Adult Book Madness
  • "Normal is a riveting and magnetic story of abuse, love, and hope. It pushes the reader in every way possible. Normal is one of the most thought provoking stories I've ever read."—Biblio Belles
  • "Normal was a hard-hitting, dark, contemporary novel that touches upon some heavy and emotional themes. While it isn't an easy read, it's one that captures your interest and moves you."—Lost to Books

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Jun 20, 2023
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Danielle Pearl

About the Author

Danielle Pearl is the bestselling author of the Something More series. She lives in New Jersey with her three delicious children and ever-supportive husband, who — luckily — doesn’t mind sharing her with an array of fictional men. She did a brief stint at Boston University and worked in marketing before publishing her debut novel, Normal. She writes mature Young Adult and New Adult contemporary romance. Danielle enjoys coffee, wine, and cupcakes, and not in moderation.

To learn more, visit: @danipearlauthor

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